Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm with the band...

Hi Guys, I know today was supposed to be Paint Perfect class 3, but due to some awesomely unforseen circumstances I am now moving that post to tomorrow (Saturday). I know my blog is called In the Fun Lane, but after last night I feel like it should be called life as Penny Lane. I had a totally "Almost Famous" moment thanks to my sister and her friend Harris.

If you are Canadian then you probably know Dallas Green (City & Color) and his music. If you don't know it or are from the Southern half of North America then you need to check it out, it will change your world. The last 2 nights he played 2 sold out shows here in Edmonton and I was lucky enough to go last night and get the ultimate VIP treatment all courtesy of my sis!!!!

Before the show we had the whole concert hall to romp around and take silly photos in. Or so I thought, that man in the background must have wondered who the heck we were and what we were doing!

Before show time we were welcomed with open arms by the whole crew, even invited to just relax in the tour bus while the opening act set up.

While everyone was taking their seats we were backstage with the band while they finished their dinner and Torri caught up with her friends. But I just had to snap this awesome picture of the stage getting prepped for show time!

Torri's friends were super sweet to get us prime seats in the audience, but come show time I was super duper overwhelmed to learn that they invited us to simply pull up chairs on stage left and watch from only feet away!!!

How cool is it that you can literally see the sound waves on Dallas's guitar here?? Just beautiful. They opened with one of my favorite songs (Coming Home!!) and that pretty much set the tone for my amazing night.

Still cannot believe how amazing the whole show was! Specially because one of my favorite songs was not on the set list but somehow was performed~

Torri and Harris, goofing around, all while I sang my little heart out along with Dallas!


I think the crowd was just as thrilled with the show as I was, but I will definitely never forget it!

Today I am taking cupcakes down to everyone on their day off just to thank them for my amazing night, hence the move of paint perfect (SORRY!).
Any other lucky Edmontonians catch the show???


Business.Blueprints.Brides said...

Sounds amazing!! You can add groupie to your resume'

Melanna said...

I've read your blog for months (maybe even over a year now). How have I missed that you're in Edmonton, this whole time? I grew up there, but then decided more light and chinooks were the place to be and high-tailed it to Calgary. But officially you're the closest I live to any of the bloggers I read.
And I have never heard of this band. Heading to iTunes as we speak for a preview. Glad you had fun. I would love to see a band from the stage!

Kris Vogelsang said...

This certainly qualifies for 'life in the fun lane'! Sounds like a great time!!

Shauna said...

I love At The Birds Foot. It's gotta be my face C&C song! Anyways, sounds like an amazing night!!

Barbara said...

Lucky girl sopuds like you had a blast, besides I didn't finish my homework yikes! Thanks for the extention.

anthrolove said...

Ive seen him a few times, makes my heart sing!!!! lucky lady :)

haruoriginals said...

Looks like you had an amazing night with your sis. These are great photos and thanks for turning me onto a soon to be favorite music group.
enjoy your weekend!

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

Well, I don't know the band, (haven't even heard of them before - sorry!) and I live way further south than the Southern half of North America, I'm in Australia. BUT, WOW! What a totally awesome experience! Yup, Life in THe Fun Lanes' a very appropriate monkier!
x KL

Joanna @ To a Pretty Life said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing! No concert for me...I never hear about them 'til they're sold out or over ;-) I bet the sound was great at the Jubilee! I've only ever been to concerts at Rexall...awful sound!

LisaMende said...

What a fun night! Glad you got the royal treatment! BTW your sis is as darling as you!

Yer Cinnamon Girl said...

Wow Cool! Just discovered your blog today and read that post. Loved it you and your sis are so cute. I'm in Montreal... and I am obsessed with CBC's Canada Live so a big lover of canadian music but I still hadn't heard of him properly so I went to check on CBC Radio 3 right away and ♥. Thanks!

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