Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Fun: Confetti Canons!


You may already know this, but it was news to me! In the party aisle of our local dollar store they have party favours called 'Party Poppers', which are basically just confetti bombs. They aren't all that pretty but they are sure fun, and make any bash a little more exciting and festive. So I decided to pretty them up to make cute favours for our next backyard BBQ.


They come in a pack of three for $1, which seems like a steal. To glam them up I simply glued my paper of choice around the upper portion of the canon and decorated as I saw fit.

Then comes the fun!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Balloon Love

It might only be Wednesday, but I we are only one day away from Summer Holidays officially starting in our house and I thought it deserves a little celebration. If only in pictures.

Some pretty balloons to make your day a hint brighter.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Partay time!

Sean turned 30 this past weekend! As usual, we try to make every birthday special and fun, filled with people we care about and cherish. When your home is filled with people like that entertaining is so stress-free and much more relaxed I find. 


Sean's birthday is actually on the solstice so we wanted the party to be filled with bright, sunny colours! Thanks to Astrobrights Papers we had so much fun getting party ready. I did some geode cake toppers.

And had a blast creating a bright paper backdrop! This was so fun and easy.

Nothing over the top, just happy and bright since the sun was out until nearly 11pm!

And one dollar store flamingo for good measure, of course.

Honeycomb balls and paper lanterns from Target.


Wren and I had a lot of fun making the paper wall and getting ready for Daddy's party!

What can I say, we love a good excuse to get dolled up!

Birthday cake flavoured Peeps on donuts in our party colors made fun party snacks. 

Thanks to all our friends and family who were able to join in celebrating the big 3-0 for this guy. 

He always deserves a good celebration.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunny Style


FINALLY! Summer is officially arrived and I can't tell you how excited we are in our house. We may have even prematurely hit up the local spray parks a handful of times as an excuse to break out the beach towels and some fresh watermelon.

My look this summer is a little more va-va-voom than in years past thanks to my new glasses from and a bright red, vintage inspired swim suit. 


I can't even get over the awesomeness of these tortoise shell-like frames from Derek Cardigan, which are a little out of my comfort zone (I'm typically an aviator gal) but on steady rotation.

And thanks to Clearly Contact for this weekend only you can get 20% off any pair of sunglasses PLUS free shipping. Just use code: SUMMER when you checkout! 

What is your poolside look for this summer? (or how you wish you might look because the reality is I'll be rocking these to hide the fact I am not at all glamorous most Summer days at the pool, covered in sunscreen and sweating like crazy).

If you, too, are far from glam and need a disguise, or even if you are the queen glamazon Clearly Contacts wants you to vamp it up this Summer in your own pair of Derek Cardigan sunglasses! If you are a Canadian resident all you have to do is enter below for a chance to snag your very own pair on the house (sorry to all my beautiful US and worldwide readers, I promise I'll have another great opportunity for you soon!).

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Parisian Bounty


When we were in Paris last month I actually didn't do too much shopping as far as hitting up the usual boutiques like Dior and Chanel. Instead I enjoyed finding off beat little shops hidden on small alley ways and streets. During my little excursions I found a true gem by the name of La Boutique De Louise.

They have all sorts of unique and creative items for the house and I had a hard time not bringing back one of everything! Since I had to consider the fact that I had to find a way to get it all home, I only picked out a couple goodies but I definitely plan to order online again in the future.


This cute little night light was for Wren and she LOVED it. In fact, we carry it around when we do errands at times she is so attached to it.


This oven mitt wasn't your typical souvenir, but I was in love. And with my mission to bake and cook more this year it seemed fitting.


As did this tea towel by La Cerise sur Le Gateau (the cherry on the cake) by Anne Hubert. I am so glad I discovered her creations because I am a huge fan now. I actually ended up framing this one since. All her creations have a touch of whimsy, fun and happiness.

The polka dot pillow is another one of Anne's creations.

As is this pillow Wren hijacked from my Eames chair. What can I say, the girl likes to decorate!

I  fit a couple more goodies in my suitcase (like my first Diptyque candle!) but for the most part this was the total of my shopping. 

But there's always next time, right?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bring on Summer

The best thing about having school aged kids is that Summer seems to have a definitive start date. I always loved those first few weeks of Summer after school let out when I was a kid. It seemed like the days stretched forever and the whole Summer still lay ahead to be discovered. I even loved those last few weeks of school where it seems like fun activities and making plans with your friends for coming months took priority. Wren is in her last couple weeks of School and I am looking forward to doing all the following things:
1. Have a Lemonade Stand
2. Hang at the local outdoor pool a couple days a week
3. Go to at least one parade
4. Fly kites
5. Ride our bikes to the local ice cream shop
6. Float aimlessly in tubes at the lake
7. Enjoy a fireworks show at least once
8. Drive with the sunroof open 
9. Make s'mores over the campfire
10. Hit the outdoor farmer's market every Saturday

What is on your must do list this Summer?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Closet Clean Out

Hey Guys! I was making a pile of things to take to Goodwill this weekend and when I started purging, I couldn't stop. I tend to let things go if I haven't worn them within the past year, and none of these gorgeous Rebecca Taylor pieces have seen the light of day for a while so it is time I pass them on. As with all my closet sales, shipping WITHIN CANADA AND THE US is included in the price. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASING PLEASE ASK!! I always do a thorough check of everything and point out any flaws, but I'm not perfect so please ask for more photos or info if you have questions about anything. Thanks so much, and happy shopping!

Rebecca Taylor floral short sleeve blouse, 100% silk, size 2

Purple silk Rebecca Taylor blouse, size 4

Rebecca Taylor navy and cream striped dress with beaded neckline. Retailed for over $300, worn twice. 100% silk, Size 4

Rebecca Taylor 100% silk snakeskin patterned blouse. Size 2

Rebecca Taylor cotton eyelet strapless dress. Size 6. Just noticed some small staining along part of the hem, priced accordingly. $sold

Rebecca Taylor 100% silk army style dress. Size 2, meant to have a tighter skirt area and blouse-y top. Super cute on.


Rebecca Taylor purple silk tunic. Super feminine and flowy. Retailed for $300, worn once. Size 4.


Rebecca Taylor knitted sweater tunic. There is some metallic threading that really makes it cute. Great for the fall with riding boots and leggings. Size small
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