Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cookiepedia

By no means would I consider myself a good baker. But I love to play like I am, and thanks to a book I've been using for the past 6 months I think I am actually, dare I say it, half decent! 

I was never able to achieve melted, gooey cookies (mine always stayed in the shape I set them on the cookie sheet), and there were no unique, deliciously sweet treats coming out of my oven without the assistance of a betty crocker mix. But I think I finally have the swing of things thanks to 
The Cookiepedia.

I found it on clearance for $3 last fall and I could probably kiss the person who put it there because I may not have bought it at any other price, assuming my skills were beyond help. But now that I rely on it every time I bring out the Kitchenaide mixer I would estimate it's true value closer to priceless than $3!

My already worn, water stained copy

I love how the chapters all start with a photo index, and I had no idea how valuable a coiled cook book was  until just recently. No more squishing down books with doughy fingers as it constantly closes!

Besides being my cooking bible it is honestly the cutest book. And it has all kinds of helpful info and tips for those of us who need all the help we can get. 

If you wish you could bake a perfect batch of cookies definitely grab a copy here, I see they are on sale!

snack time!

Besides whipping up cookies, Wren and I have been coming to a halt in front of any yard sale we spot (I LOVE this time of year!). I am so thrilled with a vinage linen duvet I picked up for her for $6, so much so that I didn't even hesitate to shove exact change into the poor ladies hand without even attempting to negotiate. We are line drying some old linen pillow cases and a beautiful mint chenille blanket that will go perfectly in her slowly evolving big girl room. But I know she is definitely her mom's daughter when she was so impatient to sleep with the duvet last night that we only had to read 2 stories!

How Wren "makes" her bed. Looks perfect to me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rose Colored Glasses

Wren has these pink/purple glasses that make me laugh every time she puts them on. Partially because she looks so cute and partially because they always seem to end up crooked. I love that even when she isn't wearing them she always seems to have a rosy  outlook on things. Honestly, you cannot make this girl mad. And she is always the first to say "it's OK, you can do it!". She is definitely 3 going on 30.

We bought a little old lawn chair for $2 at a yard sale recently and she has been spending most of her waking hours outside, sitting in it. Watching bugs and birds, examining every bud on every flower.
Mungkee dutifully stays close at snack time, and his patience always pays off!

Unintentionally colored coordinated summer dresses.
Her dress on left, mine on right.

Daddy even matched us perfectly! 

If you haven't had a chance, check out my mini closet cleanout! I reduced prices on remaining items to make room for my summer clothes~

And if you are on instagram, be sure to say hello to me at inthefunlane

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laundry Room revamp

I am excited to share a slowly evolving project today! I did a little revamp on the laundry room over the last month and a half after some cool things sort of fell into my lap. As usual, budget was key so when I started working on the project I made a conscious choice to keep the grand total under the $200 mark. Sounds like a lot for a laundry room, but it is a little bigger than most. And when you want something to look $$$ you have to be willing to spend something.

If you are a new or recent reader you may not know how our laundry room looked way back in the day. Here is a link to our original reno for anyone wanting to refresh their memory. It was also a major budget friendly project and was entirely done with our own blood, sweat and tears!

And here it is today.

It all started when I won these sea shell prints at an Ethan Allen auction a couple months ago (the same one I got the mirrors at, and some other items I haven't shared yet).

The prints themselves were in great shape, but the frames were extremely scratched up. I got all 4 for $60 (more than 90% off!!! who buys this stuff???) and loved the way the sides of the frames were black with the wood a warmer wood color. So I went down to Michael's, bought a small bottle of coral pink paint from the Martha Stewart line and painstakingly painted just the fronts of the frames.

After two nights of delicate brush strokes and countless paper towels wiping away errors and splatters! I LOVE the new color and I think the prints really have a subtle vibrancy now. The black inner and outter edges really give dimension and add some interest.

I found the garden bench on clearance at HomeSense for $80 about a month ago, thinking it would be great either in the dining room or maybe even outside? But when I brought it in through the garage it looked so good in here that it hasn't left!
The wall color in here is still one of my all time favorite greys (windham grey by Pratt & Lambert). The coral/pink tones really pull out the warmer tones in the grey.

Ralph Lauren Pillows. The pink stiped linen pillow is up there as one of my all time best finds, I found it at a Ralph Lauren outlet back in college marked down from $360 to $100 and it was an extra 80% off. I always wonder who drops $360 on pillows and what the heck would make a pillow worth that?! But after 7-8 years of constant use the down insert is still as soft and fluffy as the day I bought it and the linen has only gotten better with age. Would I pay $360? no way, but I do understand and appreciate the quality!
Besides the bench and prints, the only other additions were the striped rug ($19, Ikea) and some faux pink roses ($1.50 each, Ikea) in one of the yellow buckets which are hard to see in this light. I love that pink is such an unexpected color for a laundry room, specially because laundry rooms are typically one of the  most "industrial" spaces in a home. The feminine tones make me smile as I fold piles of laundry.

For those last minute touch ups as we head out. The mirror was a $20 clearance find a TJ Maxx I brought back from Holiday in March.

My photography assistant! Always behind the lens, but prefers to be in front.

My total spent was as follows
Prints {$60}
Bench {$80}
Rug {$20}
Mirror {$20}
Ikea flowers {$6}
Martha Stewart Craft Paint {$2.50}

Grand Total: $188.50

Monday, May 28, 2012


I am new to the world of Instagram, but am thoroughly addicted. Check out my new feed at inthefunlane for a daily glimpse of me just living life, in the fun lane of course!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mini Closet Clean Out

Hey Guys, doing a mini clean out today. Since switching over to all wood hangers I've lost a lot of hanging space so I have to stay on top of editing out rarely worn items as new things come in. Hopefully you can benefit from my lack of space!

please KEEP IN MIND all sales are final, if you have any questions please ask before purchase. I have included shipping in the purchase price to any location within Canada and the US. If you wish to purchase and are outside those countries please email for shipping charges. If you want to purchase, simply click the BUY IT NOW button below the pictures of each item. THANKS so much and enjoy!

Rebecca Taylor Sweet Rose Dress. New, with tags. Purchased from ShopBop this winter, still retails there for $230 (click here). Size 0 (I'm usually a 2/4 and it fits perfectly). 100% silk. 

{ SOLD }

Gucci Veruska patent leather pumps. Purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue, retailed for $450. Size 37.5, worn between 7-10 times. Shipped with original box. 

{ SOLD }

Rebecca Taylor knit and silk empire dress. Purchased from ShopBop. Retailed for $285. Size Medium. Worn 4 times. 

{ $40 }

Juicy Couture sheer mini dress (matching slip included). Purchased from Nordstrom, size 4. Worn 3 times. 
{ SOLD }

Anthropologie Silk Tank. Size 2, 100% silk. Retailed for $98. Worn 3 times 

{ SOLD }

Rebecca Taylor silk floral mini dress/tunic. As seen on Sarah Michelle Gellar. Purchased directly from Rebecca Taylor, retailed for $285. Size 4. Worn once.

{ $70 }

Michelle Mason one shoulder mini dress. Size 6. Purchased from Barney's New York. Retailed for over $280. Worn once. (Needs a good steaming, sorry about the wrinkles!)
{ $45 }

Gucci Logo Loafers. Size 37.5. Purchased from Gucci. Retailed for $310, will ship in original box (which is a little dusty LOL).
{ SOLD }

Rebecca Taylor Indian block print silk blouse. Size 0 (but can fit a 2 or 4). Retailed for $265. Worn twice.
{ SOLD }

Rebecca Taylor Praire cotton sun dress. Size 4, worn several times (such a comfy summer dress!!).
{ SOLD }

There may be 1 or 2 more items added if I run out of hangers again.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

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