Friday, May 30, 2014

Holiday Recap: Paris!

I am going to apologize now, this post is long as far as photo content goes. And this is just a fraction of what my camera and phone holds! It was just so hard to only show a small share of the beauty I found in Paris, but I tried. 

Like London, everywhere you look there is something beautiful. It is a place I would love to live, if only for the baked goods alone! 4 days was hardly enough, but I know we will be back.


My bestie, Alexis, (seen from behind in the bottom of this photo!) found us the cutest little hotel in the Latin Quarter. It is a really fun, vibrant area of the city and being only a few steps from the metro we were able to explore the city extremely well!






I couldn't imagine sharing this trip with anyone else. THANK YOU ALEXIS!! 

We spent a couple evenings with another couple who recently relocated from here in Edmonton to Paris that are good friends of Alexis and Tom, and that was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. They have the most adorable little apartment off the Champs Elysees and showed us some of the best sights.

One of my favorite evenings was one we spent strolling the city on foot, stopping for drinks or food as needed as various wine bars and restaurants. We managed to cross this bridge and catch Notre Dame at sunset and it was magical.

One thing I really loved was riding the metro. The stations all have little quirks and details that stole my heart, like these tile pillars.

Or this pastel mosaic wall!



Aren't those two lovebirds the cutest?

We spent one full day at Versailles and that was one of my most memorable experiences.

I have always been slightly in love with Marie Antoinette and to actually see where she spent so much of her time was an awe inspiring experience.


The extent of the gardens was mind blowing! It literally goes on and on and on.
Petit Trianon was my favorite part of the day.

As well as Marie Antoinette's tiny village.

Paris, you definitely stole our hearts!

Our travels didn't stop in Paris, we spent 4 glorious days there brushing up on our French before heading down south to Nice! Can't wait to show you the pastel rainbow of beauty there in my final vacation recap post!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

European adventure Part 1: London

If you've been following me on Instagram you already know that we spent the last two weeks exploring London and France with our two best friends! Our first stop was London for 3 days and we managed to cram a lot of sight seeing and wandering in those few days. Because for the most part everyone already knows what most of the landmarks look like I thought I would share some of the beautiful things that caught my eye you might not have seen before.

London is easily one of the most beautiful and clean cities I've ever seen. It is impossible to find a street that isn't beautiful in some way but a few of the little alley ways that were used  for carriages (but are now million dollar homes) really stole my heart with their pastel colors.

Because I don't want to crash blogger, here are just a few of my favorite photos and moments caught on both my big camera and iPhone.


Our hotel, The Ampersand, was amazing! I highly recommend it if you are thinking of heading over the pond. It was in Chelsea and easy to get around and walk to some of the best shopping from and the metro was right across the street.

LOVED this button art in the lobby of The Ampersand. Possible DIY???


After a few days of adventures we all got on a train for Paris, which I can't wait to show you next!

Friday, May 23, 2014

I have been looking everywhere and anywhere for unique, fun pieces for the cabin. But like any lady without a whole lot of willpower I have been tempted to bring home a few odds and ends for our own house when I see a good sale.

And I saw a GREAT sale at Urban Outfitters the other week in store. They had an extra 50% off all sale items and these goodies all followed me home (for less than $16 all total!). Not sure why the prices online are different but I've linked items still online in case you want to try and track anything down too!

This chambray contrast piped pillow was a whopping $2.50! 
urban 001

I love the subtle punch of pink!
urban 002

I am a HUGE fan of artist Baron Von Fancy and was super excited when he did a collaboration with Urban. This little guy was only $1! Perfect for my office and getting my creativity going.
urban 003

Whisky sour candle
urban 004 
urban 005
And two things did manage to make it to my cabin pile: this print and a rug I will wait to unveil when I show you my room design plans!
urban 006

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Upstairs Guest Bedroom Cabin Inspiration

We have two bedrooms upstairs in the new cabin. One is going to be a set of twin beds for any of the younger guests so we are planning on doing something like this.

And in the other bedroom Sean and I have been given free reign to do as we please (THANKS MOM!!!). The biggest challenge in there is that the bed really only has one possible position: in front of a picture window. So I've decided to forfeit a bed frame and have been thinking of going with an eclectic yet warm vibe like these beautiful bedrooms.

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