Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Howdy hello from PS everyone! The last 24 hours have been glorious (do you hear angels singing too?).

But the 4 hours before that were not!

Things started out great at the airport when Wren spotted some birds inside...

She even sat great for a few minutes eatting pudding on the plane.

Then 3 hours of solid screaming pretty much killed the good vibes.
But we are all well rested and rejuvenated now and ready to have fun! I made Sean promise to share the blogging responsibilites this trip as well, so who knows where that will take us (promise me you'll email me right away if there is any nudity, k?)...

And as soon as I have some more pictures of us all not looking like pale whales I will be back~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

White Bedding

Usually I just enjoy window shopping and seeing where the tide takes us when it comes to vacations. But there is one absolute must acquire item I am on the hunt for this time:
A new set of sheets and a new duvet.

And because you are all mind readers, I am sure you already know what color it will be!

If I can find anything half as glamorous as the bedding in these rooms I will be sleeping like a baby for years to come.

White bedding and towels are absolute must haves in our house. What are the must haves in your home?

Friday, April 23, 2010

I have been very uncreative as far as blogging is concerned these last couple days. But I have a good excuse, I promise!

Last weekend we were sitting around chit chatting when we decided to be spontaneous and go on holidays... not next year, not next month, not even next week! We googled a few flights and and booked a little getaway for Monday! Yeah, I can still barely believe it.

Actually I can, because it meant that I had to call up all my clients who were booked over the next few weeks. And because I am a little bit crazy, I didn't re-book for after our trip I actually took them all early. So while the blog has been a little silent this week I have maniacally painted 15 pieces (LARGE pieces) of furniture for 6 different clients. I know myself too well, and I know that I could not relax with a to-do list miles long waiting upon my return.

Which is why I also haven't had time to share this little cutie!

When I saw this antique lamp table I wasn't sure it could be saved...

but it had a will to live, and with some CPR it is as good as new~

And besides painting like mad I have also been cleaning like mad so the house sitter doesn't have to live in filth for the next few weeks!
So come Monday, we will be broadcasting to you live from Palm Springs. I have some amazing stuff to share as we get to stay at my parent's latest and greatest renovation! They did a record amount of work, well, actually the lovely folks they are paying did a record amount of work....(yes I am jealous of the progress they made when we have been plugging away for years!) going all the way down to the studs and working their way back. So it should be exciting and I promise to share all the details. And great food. And unbelievable shopping!!!
Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I the worst blogger ever at remembering to update you guys? I have so many little odds and ends that I am supposed to show you but I always forget, until randomly I wake up one morning at 7:30 to the sounds of a neighbor mowing the lawn and when I look over to the clock I see two sketches that were supposed to be blogged about at least a month ago...

Thankfully I think you might like me still, because uhhhmmmmmmmmm well I guess because you are reading this. I hope.

Since you are so patient and forgiving I just have to make amends by sharing the outcome of this little update. Remember when I was up until 1am wall papering our master bedroom, giving it it's 4th makeover this year? And then I found these cute little sketches at Goodwill for $5 each?

I fixed the bigger frame with a coat of glossy black paint about 3 weeks ago and I am really digging the results!

I added a few other things to the room (hint: you can see one of them in this picture!) and should have a final reveal in the near future! At which point I am promising to the world that I will update our reno link.

I am also smiling today because it seems my black thumb is now a light shade of green.

You might remember that I scooped up these orchids on clearance back in January because their blooms were all falling off. But with a little love and a hint of orchid food I think I might have just coaxed a few of them back to life.

These stems look like they will be pretty full once they open up!

This is one small step for man, but one HUGE step for Holly

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Even though it isn't quite green outside yet, we decided that we would try to be! You have seen the befores (and some afters) as we makeover the house.... but it is a sad state of affairs outside too! The original owners really set up a great plan, hiring a landscape architect and planting some beautiful trees and shrubs. But they moved out about 20 years ago and the poor yard has been neglected since. I still think the yard is beautiful, just slightly over grown and a little jungle-like!

Since we have some major pruning and clipping planned this year we decided to invest in learning about composting! We started by figuring out what our needs were, which meant a BIG bin. Of course I found the biggest, and most affordable one at my second home.

To keep it out of plain view, we decided to let it hide out in this corner of the yard. And while we are hoping that we do it all right, if it does start to get a little stinky at least it is no where near open windows or the deck. Just need to stake it in!
And by the time I came back to take a picture of the final set up, it had turned into a full junk yard and tire pile...
I don't even ask anymore, and neither should you!

But I promise it isn't all work around here! We also made it to the park to enjoy some sunshine with Wren and the dogs.

Can't wait for Summer to really arrive!

Monday, April 19, 2010

You have spent many sleepless nights thinking about it, and finally you can rest knowing exactly what I do all day.

A few warnings before you dedicate the next 13 minutes of your life to my video:

1. I have no technical experience (as evidenced by the fact I have not successfully sent a single text). So no, it is not properly edited. And no, I have no idea how to piece together multiple videos...

2. If you are easily nauseated by moving cameras maybe just mosy over this because I would hate to make anyone sick, because just thinking about you being sick makes me sick... and it is a vicious cycle to break!

3. I frequently over-use the word actually. I actually might have some sort of genetic defect it is so bad.

Ok, enjoy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

B. Organic

I was lazily flipping through TV channels a few months back when I was SOOOO happy that I stumbled onto a show called B. organic. I am sure the rest of the world has been watching Michelle and her cool projects using re-claimed supplies for ages now (besides seeing her in mags like DIY), but I am just newly smitten. Some of the ideas are a little rustic for our decor but I really appreciate the creativity she so obviously has.

Recently I decided to check out the website and was happy to see Michelle also writes a blog filled with even more intriguing ideas.... wood tiled floors, garage door ceilings, building reclaimed cabinets... the list is ever growing and I am convinced this girl must never sleep!

Doesn't it looks amazing?? I can imagine how painstaking all those cuts must have been but the effect is well worth it!

A different pattern of wood tile that Michelle refers to as "cobblewood"

Personally, I LOVE this idea!! The chippy paint of the garage door ceiling is so beautiful and the ridges almost resemble wainscotting.

If you haven't enjoyed an episode of B. organic you need to find out when it is on (on PBS) or check out Michelle's blog! You will leave with oodles and oodles of inspiration.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am sooo happy to finally have this table out of the garage!!! It is a really cool antique drop leaf dining table that has a beautiful double pedestal base. But it was in pretty sad shape.

You guys already know how much I love drop leaf tables, particularly as side tables and night stands with the leaves down. Using it as an entry table is perfect too since we always tend to plop down piles of stuff as we walk in the door.

Once my tulips pass their expiry date I can already envision a beautiful, grand arrangement of spring branches taking center stage.

I really wanted to let the original ebony finish underneath peek through because it is such a stunning contrast from the white.

It would be great in a small eat in kitchen as well, or as a library table with two elegant wing back chairs pulled up~
The possibilites are truly endless when you have the flexibility of extending the table or leaving it so compact.

I should have it up on White Berry later today.

Friday, April 16, 2010

If you are looking for an adorable headband or hat for a little lady in your life then you need to check out Shabby Lane's facebook giveaway! Shabby Lane is a great new etsy store that actually belongs to a really wonderful client of mine, and mom of two, Tracy. You might remember the dreamy pink room she pulled together for her toddler's big girl room back in January with some of her White Berry custom painted items. She definitely has oodles of talent!

Congrats on your exciting new adventure Tracy!
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