Friday, August 30, 2013


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The last week of Summer vacation is officially over today. Wren's first day of school starts on Tuesday. I can't believe I am actually saying that!!! It is kind of hard to even imagine her being at school every. single. day. But she is over the moon excited, so I am feeling good (but a little mommy-sad) about it all.

So here is to the unofficial end of Summer. This weekend is all that remains and we are planning to bask in the few special days before we are the parents of a real school-aged girl. (WoW, that was weird to even type!)

{the adorable cereal I bought to celebrate the first morning of school}
 photo IMG_7450_zpsee2744a4.jpg 

{I've loved lounging in the shade in our backyard this week while Wren has played with our 'adopted' cat}
gellies photo IMG_7426_zpsf183642b.jpg 

{a true ceiling of clouds that passed over us one evening}
sunset-quote photo IMG_7487_zpscb266e99.jpg

Have a safe, sweet and special long weekend.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come take a little tour of the living room!

Sooooo, I've been trying to master my new camera. The movie function in particular is really fun, although I will admit that I have a ton to learn! Andddd the extent of my movie editing is limited to your basic windows programs. But even with all it's imperfections, I thought it would be fun to share a really really quick little movie I made of our living room! In fact, I am embarrassed to admit that I think this is my first ever video 'tour' of anything.

But I can already tell that I'm going to be having a blast getting better with this whole video thing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Scandi-Inspired Blocks

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I've been on a bit of a scandi kick. 

And the little hits of mermaid-like hues in the living room are making me super de duper cheery so I decided to combine the two into a fun, easy  and cheap accessory:
Scandi-inspired painted blocks!
painted-blocks photo IMG_7437_zps23a9f71c.jpg 
I found a cute assortment of wood creations at my local Windsor Plywood that I plan to get crafty with, but the blocks I picked up for $1 each were just calling for some color!
blocks photo IMG_7395_zpsf54a3480.jpg 

A little bit of acrylic paint, in any colors you like.
 photo IMG_7444_zps42553609.jpg 

And some good painters tape to make your simple, graphic designs with.
 photo IMG_7398_zpsc520294a.jpg 

Simplicity is key, just have fun and don't over think it!
painting-blocks photo IMG_7400_zps1f5a92dd.jpg 
I found it was easy to cut patterns into the tape for zig zags, instead of trying to free hand it.
painting-blocks photo IMG_7404_zpseeeece56.jpg 

All done I think they are a happy and fun little accessory!
painted-blocks photo IMG_7434_zpsc8687f65.jpg 

Wren loves coming up with combinations too, so I guess they could make a funky toy.
painted-blocks photo IMG_7439_zps9eea0315.jpg 

But when you are as crazy about decorating as I am then they already are a toy!
painted-blocks photo IMG_7444_zps862ac5b7.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy!

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Are you in the mode for a dose of happy? I am! I always am.

And things are always better in pairs, so let's smile together, alrrrrrighty?
Here are the things making me cheery lately.

{ back to school clothes for Wren we scored while thrifting }
 photo _MG_7083_zps7b511db8.jpg 

{ back to school clothes for Wren we scored at thrift store prices on sale at OshKosh }
toddler-girl-clothes photo _MG_7126_zps5eac3eda.jpg 

{ some dollar store balloon glam for our Friday }
heart-balloon photo IMG_7309_zps8923a237.jpg 

{ late, maybe even the last, Summer clippings }
 photo _MG_7100_zpsbc3502b4.jpg 

{ a touching parcel from a very lovely reader: a sketch of me and my dearly missed baby }
Thank you so very much Casey!!!!
antlers-art photo IMG_7389_zps6412aebe.jpg 

{ getting smothered in kisses }
 photo _MG_7118_zpsafb9e516.jpg 

Tessa's awesome tee shirts will be a Fall staple! I can't wait to buy more.
cake-for-breakfast photo IMG_7339_zpse61beeb3.jpg

{ my new baby! }
I have started playing with her and I am in love. AND it has an awesome HD video feature I can't wait to use it for more bloggy videos here.

How big is your grin today? I'm hoping it's ear to ear. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wren's Mini Room Makeover

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I am so excited to share Wren's little room makeover today! Not because it is an incredible before and after so much as the fact that it was all done with things we already had. Plus we had a little help from the wonderful Danielle and Paul at Urban Walls (actually, they spurred on this little makeover! Gotta give the credit where it's due)

You may remember Wren's room looked like this, so we pulled all the furniture against the walls or into the hallway and started fresh.
before photo _MG_7147_zps5279ae5e.jpg 

Wren REALLY loved the wallpaper I did in the powder room this Spring, but I didn't want to paper her room. That would take a lot of paper ($$$) and time should we ever change our minds. And little girls love to change their minds! So removable decals from Urban Walls was a win-win. Specially after Wren saw the gold hearts when I let her decided what she could choose from. 

Proving that she has fabulous taste, I am really in love (get it?) with how they turned out (I may or may not have tried talking her into doing the stars).

To get a 'wallpaper look', I took about 10 minutes to measure and grid out my pattern on a piece of paper and then just measured as I went along.
heart-progression photo heartcollage_zps3edd3d77.jpg 
Wren was a huge help, cutting each decal out while I measured the next.
applying-decal photo _MG_7158_zpseb37b881.jpg 

A testament to how fool proof these are, not one botched application!!
I just rubbed with an old credit card...
decal-application photo _MG_7163_zps8d8fa92b.jpg 
and peeled back on a sharp angle.
decal-application photo _MG_7165_zps2f0664fe.jpg 

All done! 
heart-decal photo _MG_7161_zps663b5d87.jpg 

We moved Wren's bed over to this side of the room and brought in another nightstand I was storing in my office for her fish and the rest is just shuffled around from her old set up.
 photo _MG_7180_zps3eca8f0c.jpg 

I LOVE how the gold picks up the gold elements we've had for a few years, but that I didn't really appreciate. Like the gilding on her armoire, or the colorwheel knobs on her nightstand.
blue-gold-room photo _MG_7185_zps9e216861.jpg 

antique-painted-cabinet photo _MG_7183_zps006728bb.jpg 

gold-hearts photo _MG_7186_zps51f2e189.jpg 
I found this lamp on clearance for $15 a couple years ago at HomeSense and it has floated around the house. But I love it most in here for the warmth and texture it adds.
night-stand photo _MG_7189_zpsee6b42b6.jpg 

I raided my linen closet for a few odds and ends to add some whimsy with pillow cases. 
name-bed photo _MG_7190_zpsae4e8c54.jpg 

Blueberry and Tomato are still alive and kicking!
 photo _MG_7191_zpsa15d261e.jpg 

Let the sun shine in!
basket-toys photo _MG_7221_zps3311a4dd.jpg 
Her room just feels so happy and warm. I kind of want to camp out in here every night.
gold-hearts photo _MG_7226_zpsd5e4aa96.jpg

I am still in love with Amy from Field Trip's PEACE origami print. Makes so much sense for my little bird-girl's room.
origami-art photo _MG_7194_zps121dcb73.jpg

 photo _MG_7227_zps1fab95c3.jpg

THANK YOU again Danielle and Paul at Urban Walls!!! You guys have made one 4 year old girl mighty proud of her bedroom.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


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This week was busy. We spent the first couple days getting Wren all ready for her first year of 'real school': kindergarten. She starts in a few days and we are excited, yet feeling like Summer flew by too fast. So we made a trip out to visit my Grandma and Grandpa just outside of the city. No internet. No cell phones. Just home made cake, fresh watermelon and lots of late Summer goodness. 

Wren talks about the horses endlessly, but always has a moment of nervous anticipation when she gets close at first.
 photo blog_MG_7262_zps8a8508de.jpg

 photo blog_MG_7258_zpsd2d0ab90.jpg 
and in the blink of an eye she galloped off to another adventure. 
 photo blog_MG_7259_zps9a9721dc.jpg 

picking goodies in the garden
 photo blog_MG_7266_zps7f3603f8.jpg 
exploring mysterious doors and corners
 photo blog_MG_7236_zps04d74696.jpg 
and catching grass hoppers by the handful were just some of the special late Summer goodness we squeezed into the day.
 photo blog_MG_7239_zpsaeff72d2.jpg 

And if you follow me on instagram (you can do that right here), you already know some of our week was spent giving Wren's bedroom a mini-makeover! I can't wait to show you more on Monday.
 photo goldhearts_zps889d3201.jpg

Until then, stay smiling!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Money, can't buy happiness. 

There is an awesome little booklet that a mom from Wren's preschool made at the end of the year for all the parents. It was basically an interview with each of the children, all of the them answering the same questions. 

The last question was "what would you do buy with $100?"
Wren, of course, says "A Balloon!"

 photo _MG_6811blog_zps5e0fdae3.jpg 

That made me so happy. Mainly because I am sure there will be a day when she wants the latest jeans or the coolest shoes and it will be nice to look back on these (inexpensive) days. But it also made me happy because it is nice to know that simple things can still be so special. That she doesn't need extravagant things, and that we can take pleasure in 'treating' her. 
 photo _MG_6815blog_zpsfac39a7a.jpg

I hope you treat yourself (or a family member) to something simple this weekend too.
You deserve it.
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