Friday, August 15, 2014

Photo Recap: Plum Home Party


I feel like I am perpetually apologizing here for my neglected blog, but when I say this Summer has been crazy I am not joking! The flip is coming along really really well, days have been full, and I had the privilege of planning and hosting a party at my friend Jenna's shop, Plum Home + Design. We were having coffee early in the Summer, talking about how we have so so so many talented ladies locally in the blogging world and while many of us have individually met, there has yet to be a time and place we have all gotten together. 

So we decided to make it happen!

We knew Jenna's store was the perfect party location! She is typically closed on Sundays so we had the whole store to ourselves. SOOO much pretty!


We had a great selection of fashion and design bloggers. The lovely ladies who made it out for the morning included:

So many talented ladies!


We had some absolutely fabulous sweets for all our sweet ladies, courtesy of my personal favourite:
Confetti Sweets! These cookies are life changing, that is all.

And for those in the group who favour donuts we had plenty of amazing creations from the insanely talented Mandy at Frickin' Delights. Yes, these are as amazing as they look.


We were sooooo lucky to offer up some goodies to all our ladies in these adorable Cake For Breakfast  'au revoir' totes. 

meeting and mingling!

The lovely ladies at Patina Jewellery had lots of pretty surprises for us, and a few giveaways for our ladies

I cannot tell you how much fun we had getting to know each other. And if you want to know about how small this world is, this is the lovely Nicole Ashley, who also happens to be the proud owner of my very first flip: Lexington! How crazy and cool is that? I could not be happier that such a hip, fun, creative person is living there.

The beautiful ladies all together!

I could not be more thankful to have had the chance to get to know and hopefully see a lot more of this awesome group of ladies. You honestly have no idea how much you have in common and how rich your own city can be with talent and creativity until you dig a little. 

The goodie bags were a MAJOR hit thanks to all the awesome vendors who come through for us. We had  Pehr DesignsUppercase PressCake for BreakfastMy Daughter Fragrances,I Love the MoonUrban WallsElizabeth LynJustine MaPatina Jewellery and Swanson Design all provide their beautiful wares.

And here is the best part! We had an extra bag left and we are giving one away to a luck reader! To enter head over to Jenna's blog right here and enter for your own swag bag.

THANK YOU A MILLION to all the generous folks who made such a fun morning happen! And a big thank you to Jenna for being such a great friend and inspiring girl, and last but not least, all the ladies who came!
I think we will have to do it again soon based on the response we had, only bigger and better!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

cabin life


I haven't had a chance to bring out the big camera, but I've been snapping a few phone pics of the cabin as we've been slowly unpacking and cleaning up. Things are still on the go (like the landscaping and a couple odds and ends inside) but we have been waiting so long to enjoy it that we are willing to put up with pretty much anything LOL.

Wren has been the most excited. She has decided to take up fishing and even has her own pink fishing pole!

After a 2 hour drive she is still all smiles.

Inside, art is getting hung as we go... the bathing beauties from Gray Malin are now hung, but as of this shot they were patiently waiting for their place of glory.

The bathrooms are my favourite! My mom picked such a great quartz that I can hardly tell it's not real marble!

Finger photo bomb! The great room is where we spend the most time so we wanted lots and lots of seating. The mantle on the fireplace is probably my single favourite thing in the house because it is one of the old support beams from the last cabin.

This room belongs to Sean and I. It has a little bit more of a minimalist vibe compared to the rest of the cabin, but we like it so we can clear our thoughts while we're here.

And of course, there's the kitchen. The butcher blog island is now in place since this shot and it is the perfect warm touch to the space. 

And why do we come out to the cabin? To enjoy the lake! My Mom did an amazing job getting this space perfect for just lounging around and taking in the scenery.

I promise to bring out the big camera in the next couple weeks and show you all the other areas that are screaming for me to share them!!

But until then, enjoy these lovely Summer days.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Introducing Toffee


Life has been so so very full this Summer, friends! Not only have my hands been full with the two houses I am currently juggling, but we have been in the process of building ourselves a new deck (I have the befores ready to share, but I am hoping the after is coming soon...), we have been celebrating weddings, birthdays, and visiting friends... and we brought home a new family member from the SPCA.

If you've been keeping up with me in between blog posts on Instagram then this is not new news to you. But I figured Mr. Toffee deserves his very own introduction to the friendly folks in blog-land.

He is an overly sweet, loving, happy little three year old mix breed. We can only guess at his age and breed but we suspect he is a shihtzu/yorkie cross of some sort. He seems to be thrilled at having a family of his own.

Wren's biggest concern since we got him is that he doesn't currently have a birthday...
but we remedied that one afternoon by making him a little hat and singing happy birthday.

She decided the very next day that he would prefer to share her birthday. Sometimes you just go along with these things, right? I have a feeling Toffee will be having multiple mini-celebrations this year.

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