Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks so much to everyone who has voted in our contest! If you haven't voted yet, you still have some time.

I have been awfully absent from the blog this week, not only because I think Spring has finally sprung, but because we are having a hectic White Berry week. I think I have driven on pretty much every street in town this past week doing pick ups and drop offs! And you would be shocked by the garage.... seriously shocked! Unfortunately some of my lovely, loyal customers have had items "in the works" for the last 2-3 weeks which is not typical. Thankfully they are all very understanding and patient. But I think I should follow some sage advice given to me not long ago by a wise woman named Lisa Leonard who told me I need to hire an assitant. Assistance is definitely what I could use!

But never-the-less we are all enjoying some warm weather, and Wren is practicing for the big Hunt this weekend!

She currently fills the basket with puffed wheat, totes it around while gently removing each grain then placing them all back. Of course the dogs are totally loving it.

This week I have been totally inspired by some online design consultations I had been working on last weekend. They centered around country garden inspirations, so I decided to spunk up the living room with new greenery. Oh yeah, and a new coffee table!

The table was not that old, but it had suffered at the hands of mother nature. The wood was very faded and grainy so I really wanted it to show through.

I love that the wood underneath is varied in color due to sun and water exposure.

It is the perfect imperfect country table and it should be up on White Berry this evening~
My snappy farm crate also found a use for now, cradling an assortment of ferns and tropicals.

It should make it a lot easier to cart them into the tub every couple months for a little shower (apparently they really like this?).

I love the look of old terracotta pots, instead of new ones. Even cracks like this can't keep me from loving them.

Chips and rough edges just add to the charm. All of my pots come from curbs and cast-offs and to help them along in the aging process I always leave them outside when they aren't in use. I am sure some would cringe to think of a pile of relatively nice pots laying under snow and ice all winter but it gives shiny new pots a faded and aged look.

Of course the crate looks a little large for this coffee table, but we are hard at work (in between being hard at work on 20 other things LOL) turning an old kitchen table into a HUGE coffee table! It should look right at home on that~

Monday, March 29, 2010

White Berry Casting Call

Thanks so much to all my clients who sent in their entries!! I always love seeing where the journey continues for my creations. You can vote right over on the left hand side of this post until the contest closes next Sunday! Good luck to everyone who entered and I can't wait to see whose home the set of harp-back chairs will go to, but I know they will be well loved wherever they end up~

1. 2 Antique country chairs

2. Distressed dining room set

3. Distressed grey dresser

4. Antique mirrored coffee table

5. Framed cork board

6. Cream dining room set

7. Library pull dresser

8. Bedroom cabinet

9. Green shelf

10. Creamy dresser

11. China cabinet

12. White bedroom cabinet

13. Antique green chair

14. Grey console and harp back chairs

15. Cream coffee table

16. White dresser

edited at 1pm on Monday: Due to a technical error, we missed one entry so I have had to reset the poll. I have taken note of all the current votes and will add them to the final tally to be fair~

Good luck and thanks again to everyone for taking the time to snap some gorgeous shots!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Final Reminder!

Ok guys, it's your last chance to send in pictures of 1 or all of your White Berry items in their new homes! I have had some really great entries, but I know I am missing a lot of you!!!

The up-until-now secret prize is a set of 2 white harp back chairs (a $140 value!) going to one lucky winner. They are painted and ready to come home, but the lucky winner will get to choose the upholstery fabric that best matches their home and decor before they are sent!
This lovely harp back chair was from a set I painted last year (and may actually make an appearance in the contest!).
So don't fret yet, you still have today to get those pictures in for your chance to win~
...and I need to lay off the nursery rhymes.

Friday, March 26, 2010

We are having a nice semi-Spring day. Wren and I ran errands, picked up fabrics, dropped off furniture for shipping, a typical day. But last night was definitely not typical! We were enjoying a relaxing dinner with the whole family at our favorite local restaurant since it was nice and close to home. When I look up, and who walks in but Hilary Duff! In a really quiet, but hysterical voice I started whispering "IT'S HILARY!!!! IT'S HILARY!!!!" (yes, I am an admitted 26 year old fan of Hilary... and yes I do have her CD's, and OK! I will confess to singing at the top of my lungs to them while driving). Of course nobody knew what I was trying to say, and nobody else in the restaurant even noticed.... and before I knew it I see my sister chasing after Wren right towards her! She is unbelievably tiny in person and at least 100 times prettier. And let me just say, she knows a cute baby when she sees one.

Wren brushed past her leg, Hilary looks down and says "What a cutie!" and that was how Wren's first celebrity encounter ended.

Now take a peek at our fairly mediocre encounter with beadboard and drywall....

Untitled from Holly Baker on Vimeo.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ughhhh, the last two days have been VERY depressing. It was looking like Spring for a few weeks, all the snow was gone, and then we woke up to a whole new coating of white stuff the last couple days...

It definitely had me wishing my garage wasn't completely full, forcing us to park outside!
But a few things have managed to keep me smiling: Wren's hilarious new "fake" laugh, working on the laundry room, and these chairs.

As soon as I saw this chair I fell in love! It looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book~
So off it went to my upholsterer...

and once it is done there it will probably head over my seamstress. I think it would look lovely with a cover like this:

or maybe something a little more romantic like this:

This chair completely made my heart sing!

The scale is an almost exact replica of this Shabby Chic chair, just a little bigger!

I think I like Rachel's suggestion of using it as an occasional chair~

And now we are off to pick up my lovely desk!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have a new White Berry Treasure! Well, actually it is a really really old White Berry Treasure~ I have had it resting in the garage for a few weeks until I had a spot for it. On Monday a lovely reader by the name of Linda came by to pick up these beauties, she saw them on the blog and declared that she must have them (Leanne, there is hope for you and your easel too! LOL). As soon as the corner units were clear I had Sean wheel this baby inside.

It is such a unique and beautiful old piece. The back of the drawers are marked Eatons, as well as a church address. This was originally part of a wall of built-ins, but was obviously salvaged at some point.

I love that almost all the original drawer labels are still in place. The beautiful old writing and aged paper are probably my favorite part of the cabinet~

The little ledge is so charming! And a great spot for adding a little greenery~

We were hard at work documenting more progress on the laundry room yesterday (you have created a video making MONSTER!) and should have some progress for you all in the next few days!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey everyone!! First ever video post (whazzup!!).

Untitled from Holly Baker on Vimeo.

This insane French mirror immediately had me thinking "cote de texas!" It is HUGE and pictures really don't do it justice. I think it would be awesome to build a room around this, specially a contemporary white room!

If I had an empty corner this baby would have come home in heartbeat.

Lots of pretty linens...

Tons of cool things, like this mirrored old door to the old box car below it, caught our eyes.

What? You're shocked this feathered hair piece didn't come home with me??

That cabinet has my mind racing with ideas.

Rebecca, you foxy lady, you! Glad to see you are back on the blogging scene with such a hot new look.

I don't know how many more times I have to walk past this pair of victorian crystal sconces before my willpower gives out!! After a couple years of stalking them I may have to give in to the $300 price tags soon....

"I am too late for tea-time to take a photo"

These would be such a whimsical touch on a coffee table or side table!

I NEEDED THIS!!! But it was already sold...
Ok, I NEED THIS too!! a 8 foot harvest table converted to a coffee table. I just LOVE it!
Genius!!! Hanging old vent covers as art!
And of course, no treasure hunting excursion would be complete without a trip to HomeGoods... As soon as I walked in and saw these chairs I was smitten! If only I had room, and no kitchen chairs, and an actual, finished kitchen.
I forsee a REALLY fun project this summer once I gather some driftwood at the cabin!!

Can you believe that all I came home with was that frame and a blue crown jar??? I think I must be getting sick............
Well, I hope you enjoyed my first every attempt at video blogging! I promise I will try and improve on that front~
Toodles friends!
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