Thursday, November 19, 2009

I want to send out a HUGE, enormous, heartfelt thank you to Heather and the wonderful team over at the West Point Urban Barn!!! Can you believe that they have been directing their own customers to me??? Neither can I! I just hope they are reading this and see how thankful I am (HI EVERYONE!!).

And if they don't happen to be reading, don't worry! I am definitely going to be making a trip over there to do some X-mas shopping (and some for me too, shhhh don't tell Santa!).

Here is my current Urban Barn wish list:
Barnacle Vase


Amanda said...

I am in love with wire baskets... you're lucky to have a place nearby that always has them. They have so many uses, all equally as pretty! Whether they're holding candles, masons, or toilet paper! :)

Krystal Wight Armstrong said...

How neat for you! And that barnacle vase is pretty creative :)
I was curious about the store you mentioned, and checked out their web site...isn't it funny how when you click on their 'bedroom' tab the photo looks a heck of a lot like your headboard and whatnot? You must be a good fit. Happy Shopping!

Rebecca said...

That is amazing!!! What an awesome compliment to have a store manager send people to your way!!!! Your furniture is always so gorgeous and stands out among the rest!
Urban Barn is one of my all time favorite stores too and I love all the things on your wish list...especially that lamp!

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