Friday, April 17, 2009

Today Wren and I enjoyed a "girls day" while Sean was at work. We went to a couple outlets, did some shopping, then gossiped and hung out on the couch for a bit. The downside? our night wrapped up at 6:30 pm... yeah, I totally need new friends.


Jennifer said...

Wren is getting so big!!!

~Evie~ said...

You and me both! My night is over by 7:00. Jossalyn is a fabulous sleeping (11-13 hours a night) however is down at 7 everynight so I am stuck home alone every evening doing absolutly nothing, my dh works 8pm to 4am.

btw I always enjoy reading your posts! Your home is AMAZING!

Leslie G said...

I think Cam may have a little crush on Wren. She is too cute for words! As far as teething, I keep thinking that he is, but we haven't had any sprout yet. I can definitely see some white spots, though! Sophie is definitely helping with that! =)

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