Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have to thank my friend Katie at SaSea Boutique for absolutely making my day, week, maybe even my month!!! I went out to our mailbox yesterday and was thrilled to see that my order from her boutique arrived (can't share what I picked out yet since it partially involves a Mother's Day gift shhhhhh!). I opened the parcel and along with my pillows I found this adorable baby onesie staring up at me, along with a little pillow for Wren and this Paris pillow!!! It is all absolutely gorgeous in person, and such wonderful quality.

Katie, thank you SOOOO much. I have a special little parcel on it's way back to you as well *wink wink*

Because Katie was so sweet to send Wren and I such a special package I want to send on some of the good Karma that Katie has shared with us, so look out for a blog giveaway in the next couple of days!


Tamstyles said...

I keep telling you I want a WREN fashion show...Her Mom is a diva and we have seen her clothes so come on! Make our day..(Clapping the crowd on) WREN FASHION SHOW, WREN FASHION SHOW!!!

Shannon said...

awe so cute!!!

Lynett said...

Aw love the onesie! So cute!

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