Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sofa Savings

We had another lucky day thanks to Craigslist! As you can see on the left hand side, I was looking for a white sectional for the family room. The Taylor Scott sofa is simply gorgeous, but unfortunately the price tag makes it a little unattainable right now if we want to get the kitchen done. I was resigned to just leaving the family room a blank canvas until we stumbled onto a white (of course!) slipcovered sofa. While scouring craigslist I found a family who has to move next week and just so happen to have the ektorp sectional from Ikea (score!) We offered them a few hundred dollars, they said OK, and so today we are off to pick this guy up:


Sa-Sea Boutique said...

Can't wait to see which pillow cases you choose!!!! They will go AMAZING on your new couch! I have already received a few orders just from your post alone, so there will DEF be some added goodies in your package!!!!

C said...

Yay! I love craigslist & can't wait to see pix of the room!

Mrs. 5C said...

AWESOME! I love that sofa! :)

Melanie said...

You lucky girl! After talking to someone who has had one for 5 years and it still looks like brand new, I want the Ektorp sofa but haven't convinced DH yet.

Ann Ever said...

Do you have any tips on looking.finding a good deal on a sofa like the one you found online? I've been looking and having a bit of trouble.

Holly and Sean said...

Hi Anne~
My only advice is to check often and be willing to negotiate! The seller wanted $100 more than we actually paid so it always helps to try and bargain~ The other piece of advice is to post a wanted ad. People might be unsure if they want to sell but if they see they have a ready buyer they might just give you a call. Good Luck!

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