Friday, April 17, 2009

Flower Power

We absolutely love to entertain. Whether it is 1 guest or 10, there is something about having someone over for dinner that really encourages you to put a couple extra cute touches in the dining room, or try a recipe that otherwise might seem too challenging. Last night Wren had one of her Grandma's over for dinner, and while she was not really in the mood to visit (she refused to nap all day and it basically boiled over into a full blown melt down around 6:30 last night...) we all had a lovely time.

I was so excited to see that daisies are finally in season at the grocery store because that means they are only $5 for a huge bunch. I love daisies because they seem to last for weeks and feel really cheerful.

This Spring I am all over the color orange when it comes to accents. It just pops right off the white and it kind of unexpected, so a pile of oranges were a pretty obvious accessory for the table along with some sparkling water with white and orange labels that I found at our local Italian Market.

A picture of the little birdie post-meltdown.


hopeful #1 said...

I love orage too! OH and daisy's do last forever!!! I love them too!

Great table shot...

Oh and next time I'm having a melt down, do you think you could swaddle me like that? Seriously, that looks so comfy!

BRAT Girl said...

Beautiful pics! I don't believe for a minute that that little angel had a meltdown. You're making it up! haha

Tamstyles said...

she is growing and getting hefty cheeks on babies..we went to see our godson today and he is almost a month..still itty bitty...but cant wait to kiss cheeks the size of wrens on him.

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