Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some slumber thoughts...

It occurred to me today that even though I am still tired some mornings, lately my days always seem to start off on the right side of the bed. I can attribute a lot of this to the cute little smile of Wren, but I do know the exact reason why: I am not being woken up by the alarm clock! I have always had a dislike for those things... I could easily work a 12 hour day as long as it doesn't begin with an alarm waking me up. I need to wake up when my body tells me to, not when some loud beep tells me to. This is by far the best bonus of being on maternity leave.


Erin said...

That is awesome Holly. I cannot stand alarm clocks either. I'm lucky and spoiled that my hubby wakes me up every morning. And looking forward to days when my little one wakes me-I'm sure I'll be eating those words at some point! :)

bagfashionista said...

I love their (babies) morning smiles! Never fails to instantaneously turn my day around!

Melanie said...

I love my babies, but they wake me up at 5:30 every day. After 3 years I'm used to it though. ;-)

On days I work, I have my alarm clock on a classical station set on a very quiet volume. Its actually a pleasure for me to wake up listening to such beautiful music playing softly.

DH got jealous (he had an alternative music station on his alarm) so he copied my classical. Except, he accidently set the alarm to that buzzer noise instead of the radio and was woken up with that LOUD noise instead. I could NOT stop laughing! ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your maternity leave! There's nothing like that first year with a baby.

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