Friday, January 24, 2014


Just some randoms from this week. 

Sending out thank you's to some blog friends. I obviously have Summer on my mind...
(stationary from Mara-Mi)
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We did a family movie night and went to see The Nut Job. It was soooo cute and got lots of giggles from Wren. The best part is always the left over treats for me. 
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Nothing beats having a little girl in the house. There is never a shortage of stickers with super cute animals on them and random little crafts/creations hidden around the house. Sean took Wren on a 'dollar store shopping spree' last weekend. This box of stickers came home along with silly string, lots of gum and a dart gun (I wonder if her daddy had any influence on that one...). 

It's always the simple things that seem the most special. 
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Freckles Chick said...

Am I getting one of those sweet vintage keys in the mail? ("Who's this Freckles Chick?") ;-)

I agree, having a little girl in the house is oodles of fun!!

Happy weekend, xoxo!!

christine, just bella said...

I totally love having a little girl into stickers and crafts!! I had shelves of 'sticker books' as a kid and they still make me super happy... and fancy tape, I have a new weakness for that.

Stacey said...

A little ice cream dropped on my doormat today!!! Thank you for the sweetest thank you!

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