Friday, January 10, 2014


Because we can all use more good things in our lives...

 photo IMG_9226_zpsf0a38084.jpg 

We have still been feeling the remnants of the big bad flu, which means we are all a little tired, a tad grouchy and getting back into routine has been a little challenging. But little chubby, rosy cheeks quickly help me forget the little tantrums here and there (sometimes hers, but mine as well lol)
 photo IMG_9209_zps230c84ae.jpg

I think this weekend will be a good chance for us to catch up on some rest and relaxation. 

Happy Weekend!


Nicole said...

Love your photos Holly!! Bliss and cheers to the weekend and good health for all.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

That chocolate oozing everywhere looks too amazing for words. I'm hoping you've already sent one in the mail.

Freckles Chick said...

Cherry chocolates?! I suddenly want one (or 12).

I'm an occasional tantrum thrower & I wonder where Quinn gets it from ;)

TGIF & happy weekend, H!

Holly Baker said...

Thanks so much Nicole!!

Ms. Freckles, I wonder the same thing too, where on earth could Wren and Quinn learn it from??

Christina, tell me where to mail it and I'll cross my fingers it doesn't melt lol

Jody and Stan said...

Beautiful Photos! New Follower!

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