Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1 dress, 3 outfits

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I stopped into Old Navy last week for a few pairs of leggings for the Wrennie girl. I think that was the first time I set foot in there for like a year! I pick up the occasional item for her there but rarely look around for myself...mainly because, well, one too many jean try-ons have gone wrong there for me (not to say they don't look amazing, but I think fancy jeans have ruined me for run-of-the-mill denim. Goodness, that sounds horribly pretentious, doesn't it?). But I quickly glanced through the ladies items when I saw that all sale items were an extra 30% off and found this adorable J.Crew-esque denim dress. 
On sale for $7.99... PLUS 30% OFF! are you kidding me? (here is the link, but it doesn't seem to reflect the in-store price)

I literally walked out with about 5 outfits for Wren, plus this dress and a pair of leggings for me and it was about $60. Yeah, I felt pretty impressed with myself that day.

I tend to buy very few new clothes throughout the year, instead I invest in a handful of quality, long-term pieces every Winter (for the Spring/Summer) and every Summer/Fall for the Winter and then I'll toss in a little bit of trendy stuff from places like Forever21. 

Since I only invest in a few new things, my closet really isn't all that packed with options and I prefer to rework my basics in different ways or with accessories. And a basic like this is so fun and easy to make different outfits with.

Outfit 1
-roll the sleeves
-add an infinity scarf (from Gap last summer, similar here)
-layered over leggings or tights 
 photo IMG_9356_zpsf53f2337.jpg  photo IMG_9358_zps49164f9f.jpg

Outfit 2
- Layer crewneck sweater over top (mine is a cashmere Rebecca Taylor sweater from last Spring, but here is a nearly identical one at a great price!)
- throw on a bright, chunky necklace (I found this J.Crew one at Goodwill once upon a time)

I find I layer like this A LOT in the winter, wearing even Summer dresses with sweaters over top. Since our Summer months are so short in comparison to Winter I feel like I need to get my use out of them somehow and this is an easy way.
 photo IMG_9367_zpsab26f3ea.jpg  photo IMG_9362_zpsb6fbdeda.jpg

Outfit 3
-add a military style jacket (this one is from Antropologie a few years ago, similar here)
-a few long necklaces
-throw on some motorcycle booties (from Zara)
 photo IMG_9219_zps17b739c6.jpg

 photo collar_zps723f9978.jpg

I can already tell you that the last military look will be my go-to this Spring. I tend to add some sort of military inspired item to pretty much every outfit these days, usually in the form of combat boots. But this a much girlier version of my usual military obsession.


Gemma Roberts said...

You have to love a versatile wardrobe staple!! Love how you've styled it, brilliant ideas!

Faded Windmills

Stacey said...

Such a cute dress and what a steal at that price! Old Navy has some really cute things online now!

Five Minute Style 

{ L } said...

You could seriously be a stylist!

Holly Baker said...

Thanks Gemma!

Tell me about it Stacey, I doubt a year will fly by before I head in again lol.

And you made my day {L}. You are too sweet xoxo

christine, just bella said...

I adore each and everyone of these outfits, Holly! That dress is an awesome find. Old Navy has some really cute stuff right now, especially for the littles.

And leave it to you to find J.Crew at goodwill!!! Are you kidding me??

Anonymous said...

So cute! Always love your stylings!
Love the striped sweater. :)

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