Friday, March 21, 2014

Office Update

I have been working on my little office for the past few weeks on and off, and while I still have a little left to finish (do a little dance, hang a little art) I am in the home stretch and have been excited to show you!

Every crafty blogger needs a little space to let their imagination run wild, and while we already had this set up as an office, most times my craft zone would somehow end up in the dining room. Thanks to some awesome finds for staging CottageK that I brought home I was able to use a lot of what I had, and what I didn't have I bought at Ikea or Target to keep the makeover from getting too costly.

It made more sense to use a table instead of a desk in here. I like to have room to spread out and have enough room for both me and Wren. Plus I sometimes paint on large sheets of paper or need to wrap larger gifts, so a narrow desk wouldn't work well for things like that.

Some happy pink Poppin pens, and dollar bin pencils and bucket from Target.

Assorted cards and a couple notebooks that are too lovely to keep in a drawer, along with various office supplies I use often enough that it makes sense to keep out.

I found the garbage bin in the As-Is section of Ikea for $5.

I looked pretty hard for a tall basket to corral all my wrapping papers but only found one I liked in red at Target. It is from their Beaver Canoe line and was only $10 so I simply spray painted it black.
The dresser was salvaged from our old cabin for free, but was in rough shape so I did a glossy white finish on it.

Every office needs some good storage, but I tend to forget what I have or don't have so I need to keep things out and visible. I have yet to even go through all my stuff, but so far these EKBY Gallo shelves from Ikea have kept me from forgetting what might be hiding in the back of a forgotten drawer.

A momento from my Bestie, Alexis's Bachelorette party weekend getaway to Santa Monica.
(it's a happy hour flyer on the other side!)

I actually found this Besta Burs shelf in the media section of Ikea. I thought it would make a nice 'console table' since it hides a lot, but I like that it doesn't take a lot of real estate up in the room, and it is not too deep.

A Poppin tray and pretty target $1 bin office supplies.

For me, I like a blank canvas. It keeps my creative juices flowing! So I didn't want to clutter up the room or over style it. Simple, but yet still pretty was all I needed.

I know I've mentioned it, but I LOVE washi tape. My favorite few colors get used pretty frequently, so I decided to find some tape dispensers. I did find some gorgeous lucite ones, but they were in the $20 range each. These standard Scotch tape dispensers are $3 at any office supply store, and while they might not be quite as pretty as say, this one, but they work just perfectly without breaking the bank.

I couldn't bring myself to splurge on tape dispensers, but I did splurge a little tiny bit on some of the small storage. These Chewing the Cud bins are a favorite and gave me just the little hit of color I needed.

Like I said, I still have a few details to work on, but so far we have been loving the new office! Who's up for a little afternoon craft party in here? I think that is the next step to breaking it in.


katie snead said...

I LOVE how it turned out! We are finishing our office/homework room this weekend and now I wish I had purchased a round table for the kids to use for homework! I lOVE it!

Rinako グレー said...

I love these offices! My mom needs to reconstruct hers~ Great ideas! *o*


Leah said...

Looks lovely! Such a great space to get creative.

Anonymous said...

Superstore (Joe fresh) has clear 'lucite' looking tape dispensers and staplers in their stationary/school supply aisle...only $4!!

Nicole said...

Oh Holly, it feels great! Bravo on the brand new office style and the budget. Your unique touches are grand! I am making a mental note to come back when I create my office space one day. All things scattered between the guest bedroom and dining room buffet really does NOT work.

Julie said...

Love it! I low how cheerful it is and pretty of course! I'm trying to finish up my workspace too, one wall has got me stumped, not sure what to do with it. Going to have to see what I can come up with! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Stacey said...

I am loving what you've down with your office Holly! Such a perfect space for some crafting! My favourite thing is the wrapping paper basket!

Five Minute Style 

Jessica Taylor said...

Everything looks great! Wish I had a place like yours :) It's cheerful, creative and sweet!
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christine, just bella said...

Yay! This turned out so awesome! I think a crafternoon date might be in order!

Mandolyn said...

Everything looks wonderful! I'm currently working on my home office and this is great inspiration! :)

Katherine Wilkinson said...

Hey holly I saw some clear tape dispensers at superstore the other day for cheap at the south common location. They could probably pass off for lucite!

Charity said...

Okay so you got my brain going on the tape dispenser thing, and I thought why don't you spray paint them. I'm sure it wouldn't effect the function, and then hey would be one of a kind;). In fact I think I might just spray mine, because I never thought before there were even options for tape dispensers! So thanks for the brainstorming, my office will be a have a feminine tape dispenser!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly i used to read your blog a while back and then stopped, not sure why.. My comment is about how you say this office gets your creative juices flowing.. Sorry but a creative person would do what they do anywhere and no matter what. Seems to me that being "creative" in your world means following pinterest type trends. Hope I don't come across as a hater but you seem like someone who puts too much emphasis on being an "artist" or looking like one. Hope this comment encourages you to KICK ASS no matter what anyone thinks!

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