Friday, March 14, 2014


Polka dots on the wall and ceiling thanks to the disco ball. I always feel a little happier when I come down in the morning and this greets me.

What a fast and crazy week, getting ready for Nest In The City tomorrow, and pulling together the new office. I can't wait to share photos next week of the current status. I am close to completion, just waiting on some art to arrive, and Wren and I have been breaking it in pretty good all week so I hope it will still be tidy for photos. But I'll show you anyway.

Have a great weekend!


carli said...

Love the planked ceiling in your living room. And that disco ball is so fun! Have a great weekend lady!

Rinako グレー said...

Nice room~ So dreamy! ^^


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the the ceiling!

katie snead said...

Super excited to get back into blogging and reading blogs! I have been sitting here reading yours over and I am so inspired to clean and declutter!!!!!!

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