Monday, February 4, 2013

Wren's Princess Party


We had so much fun last week throwing Wren's party! It was a super duper fantastic Princess-filled day, and she couldn't have been happier to have all her friends over.

The day before Wren's birthday I made a quick trip over to see Ramona at Sweet Social. She has so many fun party items, it was hard to choose just a handful of goodies but we settled on some fun forks, paper straws, candles and a few other little items.


Then we whipped home to get our bake on! Wren LOVES to bake so this was nearly as exciting as the birthday party for her. We took two boxes of white cake mix and made ourselves an ombre cake!

It might be one small step for man, but one GIANT leap for Holly's baking.

Once the cake was all ready to go we got our craft on with some of the paper straws, sequined strands and a few funny pink pompoms.

We glued the sequined rope into the straws and hot glued 4 pompoms on in honor of Wren's 4th birthday!

Then we stuck it into our cake!

Wren really loved this so we decided to do a few more creations involving the straws, pompoms and some craft paper.

{ paying homage to all her favorite fairy tales }

More flags for the popcorn bowls.

I found the table cloth at Value Village, it was the perfect peachy pink but it was for a round table. But it was only $3 so we bought it anyway and just swagged it over the table.

Our final project before the festivities began was filling up little goody bags with jewelry and treasures and setting them out for our guests.

To keep my princesses busy I put out an assortment of princess costumes I have picked up at thrift stores here and there (none of them were over $2) and let the girls get dressed. Then I set out a stack of blankies and chairs for them to create a 'castle'. I was worried it wouldn't be enough to entertain 9 four year olds for long, but they all LOVED it. There were squeals of delight coming from their creation all afternoon.

Can you believe there are actually children in this shot?

It seemed like it was over in the blink of an eye, and while I had so much fun getting it all ready for them I was more than ready for a big slice of this at the end of the day! 

Keep Calm & Have Cake might just be my new motto.


Summer said...

Your party looks like it was so fabulous! I love all the little touches you added :) And the cake ;)


Anonymous said...

Well done, mama! Wren is a lucky little girl :)

bagfashionista said...

lovely!! and big pat on the back for for the cake!! with that, i am now motivated to test my dismal cake-baking skills as well!

i am usually stressed on how to entertain the kiddos whenever we have playdates...great to see that wren and her friends are self-sufficient in that department!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this party! Already pinned. :-)

Stacey said...

This looks like such perfect Princess party! I need to get some of those forks!


Five Minute Style 

Silver Lining Decor said...

So cute! Love the ombre cake!

Jennifer said...

What an amazing party!!! Wren is a lucky girl to have you as her mama!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Dianne said...

I could almost feel how excited Wren must have been by how you write!
It looks like you had a fantastic party!!! Very lovely and economical.

Leslie G said...

What a fun little party! That cake looks so awesome, as I said earlier on instagram. I'm thinking that me and Cam are going to have to make a cake soon, just because!

Michele said...

So pink and beautiful!

I think I'm going to ignore the fact that I'm in my 30s and make myself a blanket fort and watch TV. :D

Velud'arte said...

What party so beautiful!
The cake must be delicious!
Sharing the recipe.
Kissy and congratulations!

Holly and Sean said...

Leslie, cam would love this! My blog friend Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom did a rainbow version last week with her two boys and it turned out so cute.

I only have one thing to say Michele: YOLO ;)

Thanks Jen! And ditto for L and W

Steph, I felt the same way. But in the end I decided to *try* and let them entertain themselves. Mainly because I feel it would be quite a challenge to keep them all interested for long in most crafts or games.

Jamie -Better With Age said...

Good job!! I love your ideas for this party. I just had my daughter's 1st birthday party. So much fun to plan!
Jamie ~ Better With Age

christine, just bella said...

So fun!! The fort, the cake, the decor. I bet Wren loved everything. I can't wait till I can craft and bake with Alice.

Beautiful job!

Jen said...

superb is the word, I just cant believe how much effort one can put in... this really makes me inspired.. would love to try this out for my daughter :)

From Job in Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

Love the cake, but a post on Wren's party without a single pic of the birthday girl?

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