Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Shop Finds

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I have Spring on my brain! I just uploaded a ton of new blankets to my etsy shop and you can definitely see a pattern: all the blankets are super happy and in spring-like colors.

It was brought to my attention on Instagram that most people had no idea I had an etsy shop, so please excuse the fact that I've mentioned it twice this week. I just want everyone to see all these beauties and find them loving new homes!

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My favorites are always the brightest, funnest colors. I was given a handmade blankie for Wren at her baby shower and the lovely friend of my Mom's who made it wrote me the sweetest card. Paraphrasing here, but she wanted to give Wren a special blanket that not only kept her warm but was the start of her best adventures. Because with a little imagination a blanket can be anything from a fort to a magic carpet to a cape for a child. The adventures are limitless!
 photo _MG_4197_zps273e5a29.jpg 

I am hoping these blankets have the some good travels and adventures in their future as well.
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Be sure to check out these (and MANY more goodies) by clicking here.


Razmataz said...

Has the striped one in picture 3 sold. I do not see it on Etsy?

Holly and Sean said...

Hi! I see it has sold. Sorry!!

Dawn @ Inspired Living said...

I love the fun colorful colors! Spring is making me crave color boldness in my house again. Maybe one of these will be the right touch?!?! Checking it out....

Marilyn said...

Are these handmade by you? Love the colors!

Mandolyn said...

On the topic of Etsy shops--with a slight twist--I'm still hoping to find out if your cousin who did the great art in your SIL's apt has one? I know others were wondering as well.

Thank you!

lulusparkles said...

Love the throws but what I really have my eye on is the light fixture hanging in the background..... Can you tell me the source? Thanks

Christina Marie said...

Those are all so sweet! I love the zig zag ones.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

How Fun are these! My Mother made 100's of these growing up and I wasn't to fond of them myself but now I find that I am very drawn to them.
Sad to say now her hands hurt and she can't make them any longer.
Nice Etsy Shop too~Miss Kim

Chelsea said...

You have such a great eye for finding beautifully knit blankets that are relevant for today! NONE of them look 'granny-ish'! I love them all. I've got a few birthday gifts to buy this spring and I think any of these blankets would be PERFECT.

robin horton said...

And now I have emptied your etsy shop...! Ok, not quite, but I easily could have! Can't wait to get both of my new blankets!!

MrsKBJ said...

Just bought that Black, White Grey Vintage Blanket! :) we are moving the end of next month and it's gonna look fab in the new home:) thanks holly!

Stacey said...

I love all the new blankets you've got listed!


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