Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kate Condo Makeover Reveal

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Back in November my Sister in Law, Kate, and I indulged in a girls night out to see the latest Twilight installment. We had a blast, and somehow during the movie previews we concocted a plan to give her down town highrise condo a dramatic makeover. 

The Mission: Taking a standard rental unit and making it feel like a girl's oasis in the sky. Oh yeah, and we only had $1200 to spend. ON EVERYTHING.

Here is how Kate's condo looked when we started on our mission.
 photo photo3-1_zps3faee514.jpg  photo photo2-1_zps48e6f78e.jpg  photo photo1-1_zpsac3c528a.jpg 

Kate was ready to let everything go and start fresh so her first job was to list it all in online classifieds. She did GOOD and brought in an extra $500. She decided to add that to our budget  so in the end we had $1700 to play with to decorate her living room and dining room/kitchen.

You may remember the game plan I shared back in December.
inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-16.jpg inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-17.jpg 

And wouldn't you know, when I got home from snapping some pictures this weekend I discovered the 2 overall room shots of the living room got deleted. So I am going to have to retake those later on, but in the meantime I think you will get the idea with these photos.

 photo _MG_3749_zps907710aa.jpg 

She is a single girl in her mid-twenties so we wanted to play up the feminine touches with little hits of pink and other fun goodies that guys not fully appreciate (at least not my guy). 

We had SO much fun thrifting up a storm together and absolutely everything in her condo is either thrifted or from Ikea. 

One of our first finds was this vintage pink wicker picnic basket for $4. We had no idea what we'd do with it but we loved it.
 photo _MG_3750_zpsee4db145.jpg 

The living has a few touches we are still working on, like filling these frames with black and white photos from Kate's travels and adding a collage wall near her entry.

The old buffet was another amazing find we scored for $160 and then painted and distressed together. All the frames are Ikea.
 photo _MG_3757_zps205829bd.jpg 

The rug picks up all the soft shades of cream and pinky-beige we used.

 photo _MG_3758_zps16b08118.jpg 

Because Kate's condo doesn't have any ceiling lights we wanted a sofa table but found it hard to get one long enough and high enough. We ended up scoring this one on Ikea for $20 which was the perfect height thanks to it being on casters. The only hitch was that it was bright orange so we simply draped a white sheet on top and you cannot even see the orange (I had to roll it out a little to get this shot).
 photo _MG_3759_zps022064a2.jpg 

The modern art around the condo in shades of pink, gold and orange was done by a very talented cousin of ours and the faintly pink glass lamps were also as-is section finds at Ikea for $20 each. The pieces truly fell into place really nicely for us every time we went hunting for things.  
 photo _MG_3760_zps64dbf492.jpg 
Still missing is a leaning mirror behind this chair. It is sitting in my garage just waiting to get over there when we find a truck to get it moved.
 photo _MG_3761_zps0b639f1a.jpg 

Kate's dining room is a mix of glam/eclectic/feminine. You may recognize the dresser (formerly in our Master Bedroom), it was a perfect fit for her place. I picked up the mirror for $40, my Mother in Law found a crazy beautiful lucite lamp and gave it to Kate for Christmas and we found the chairs for $5 each out thrifting. 
 photo _MG_3763_zps8de9f0c2.jpg 

Some shelves in the kitchen hold more of our thrifted treasures. 
(I am SOOOOO stealing those tumblers)
 photo _MG_3767_zpscc586aaf.jpg 

The Ikea table, along with the extorp couch and chair covered the brunt of our budget so we had to get frugal on the accessories!
 photo _MG_3770_zps575a7639.jpg 

We also painted the chairs together. Giving one each a different color for a collected look. This one has very very faint pink stripes to tie into the living room pinks.
 photo _MG_3775_zps7ec3c6a2.jpg 

The finials were yet again thrifted.
 photo _MG_3771_zpsf3af87ca.jpg  photo inthefunlane-105_zps224f2647.jpg

It was a very busy month to finish it all up and get out thrifting till we felt we had the things we were looking for but Kate is thrilled with her new pad and that makes it all worth it! Plus it is always fun to have someone who understands my obsession with thrifting (I think she's hooked now too!).

Now we just have to tackle her bedroom...


Lora said...

so gorgeous!!! you did a great job. i love it all!

Anonymous said...

Holly, you're such a talent! You really should work in design. Congratulations on your "new" condo, Kate!

Cassi said...

Love the redo! Where did you find the pillowcases...the linen ones w/ the ties on the side? SO CUTE! (I'm always on the hunt for pillowcases, but they usually have too much writing or pictures on them...and those linen ones would be perfect for MY white Ektorp lol)

Also, has those blue tumblers (in highball sizes too) on sale right now in the same blue and also green (they had clear, but it sold out) for $18, for a set of 4. Just FYI in case you wanted to buy some for yourself!

jessica said...

Fabulous job ladies!!!!

Joni Webb said...

soooo cute!!!! love the ikea table and sofa - those are must items for anyone thrifing a house. i didn't know you were a twifan!!! omg - i am the BIGGEST fan in the world!!!makes me love you more!!!

cote de texas

Room Candy Boutique said...

Wow, ladies!!!! Looks absolutely FABULOUS!! What a transformation...great work! Enjoy!

Room Candy Boutique said...

Wow, ladies! What a FABULOUS transformation! Looks great...enjoy your new place? ~Dawn

Christina said...

oooh LOVE!!! So girly and beautiful - I seriously wish my hubby would let me make over our space into something like this....but there's no chance of that :)

erin said...

Wow! What a transformation! I bet it was so fun to work on that together. PS- That artwork is amazing. Does your cousin have a website?

Silver Lining Decor said...

Wow! It turned out SO cute!! Love all the girly touches!

Meghan said...

Love it all. Very well done! Where is the lamb/sheep pillow from?!

Christina said...

Amazing!!! I'm ready to move in whenever she's done. :) I'm always jealous of cozy, girly zones. My mister lets me have a lot of free reign, but I still try to keep it a mix. You did an incredible job, and on a tight budget too!

Mandolyn said...

Wow! What a fabulous makeover—I love it!

And I'd like to echo Erin and ask, does your cousin have a website? I would love to snag some of that gorgeous art for my house.

Martha Anne said...

Awesome! You ladies did an amazing job... any chance you want to come to my place and find me some great deals? I absolutely love the space and finds!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh my word. It's all completely fabulous. I just redid my daughters room in oranges and pinks and I love it! They were much brighter than these, but always fun to re-do a girly room. :)

bagfashionista said...

how is it that i have never found a mirror like the gold one, and the prices, for sure, will not be $40...more like 10 times that...grr.

Between Blue and Yellow said...

It looks incredible! That is a dream of mine to try and redecorate a whole place like that on a budget. I bet you two are so proud.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the transformation. It's serene and just girly enough.

Sheri Chan said...

I love the gold mirror, where o where did you find that? The make over is gorgeous, great job.

Summer said...

Holy cow! Love what you two did with the place!!! It's so fresh and clean and girly :) The idea of all the chairs being painted slightly different is so cute! Fabulous job.


pretty little things said...

just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower -- hope you can come check mine out too! xo

Michele said...

It's stunning! Fantastic job!

Michele said...

It's stunning! You did a fantastic job!

missytoe said...

SUCH a great job! Where did you get the lamb pillow? I love it!

Matia Malek said...

Oooooh! I just love how this turned out! Everything about it! I'm a sucker for rag rugs and this one is beautiful. And the artwork is fantastic. Great job!

Rie said...

Really great job. Fresh and young!

by the way , the wallpaper you used in the Lexington house entry inspired me to so a similar wallpaper treatment in our bathroom. So...thanks!! :)

Stacey said...

Wow you did such an amazing job and on such a small budget too! I love the glass lamp from ikea!


Five Minute Style 

Jen Jensen said...

I love how light and bright it looks. fabulous job!

Brie @ Eat Books said...

Wow, it looks AMAZING, Holly! I wish you were my sister-in-law so you could come over and do my place! :)

Karen McNeil said...

What paint colour did you use?? love the makeover!! said...

You did an amazing job on your sister in law's condo! It all looks so pretty and girlie. Now you can add Decorator on your resume! ;)

laboda said...

Amazing makeover! You always inspire me Holly...i'd love to get some help with my gir's nursery.:)

Auntie Bliss said...

You are too talented.
So where did those tumblers come from?

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