Friday, February 8, 2013


Hearts have descended on our household! I am not a big believer in the level of hype and commercialism that seems to have taken over (or created) Valentine's day. But I am of the mindset that any occasion that encourages us to share our love for those around us should be celebrated. So in our house it is all handmade.

We spent $3 on several packages of paper lace hearts at the Dollar Store and Wren and I have spent all night covering the house in them after working a little magic on them. 

 photo _MG_3620_zps8b124478.jpg 

But more than lace hearts should fill a house. And I love these words from Robert Frost.

 photo _MG_328111_zps5a353834.jpg 

rumpled beds, and dirty laundry aside we should focus our energies on looking for the things we love at any moment. Not the things we want to change. Although there is a time and place for that too, this week it is not.

And for those wondering when they'd be up, I've listed a handful of vintage children's sweaters in my Etsy shop and will have another bunch up later today. 

 photo _MG_36001_zpsb8857bfa.jpg

Have full and happy heart this weekend friends!


Ann said...

I heart your cute pics.

Freckles Chick said...

Agreed! If a holiday encourages us to really take the time to show our love, I heart it. I heart hearts. =]

And omg, I love that vintage peachy girl's sweater in your shop, such a fab find! What an awesome endeavor Hey Oyster is.

Barbara said...

I love paper hearts and how could you not...and jumping on the bed too!

Summer said...

Such a sweet post :) I love your dress and Wren's sweater!


Jenn Rush said...

Girl, you need to post more of your outfit pictures! I miss them! I've always loved your style. And I love that dress you're wearing here! said...

Love your dress! Where is it from?

Art and Sand said...

Oh my gosh! That little sweater is precious. And I love your dress too.

Anonymous said...

is Wren taking dance lessons? Those pointed toes are awesome

Erin Schuiteman said...

Dropping back in to see if you've spilled the deets on your DRESS!! Please do! So cute!

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks everyone!!

Erin, it is from Target! I got it a couple years ago from the Libertine collaboration~

Erin Schuiteman said...

Oh bummer (for me!) and cute score for you! Thanks!!

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