Sunday, June 3, 2012

Three's a charm

If you have visited my instagram feed recently (inthefunlane is my username), I apologize again for the large number of lilac obsessed posts. 
I just can't help it guys!!

{Sitting on an old tarnished tray on a sunny day they almost look like they're glowing}

 I did manage to break through my lilac induced coma long enough to tackle a project that I had brewing at the back of my mind for some time. I knew this wall felt like it was lacking something. Needed something.

But I have a confession guys... I was scared! Scared to mess it up somehow, scared to commit, scared to over clutter the room. I find that I have no troubles at all getting a room 95% there. By then it really starts to look good and I can't. quite. finish. it. I am scared to take that 95% of the work and screw it all up with making a bad choice at the end. I don't want to be the lady you see walking around with every piece of jewelery on, plus a few she borrowed from a friend. But in the decorating sense, of course. 

So I usually chicken out and leave well enough alone. 

But recently those 3M removable adhesive hooks became my best friend, and now I am trying to tackle the fear yall!

{waiting patiently for something more}

This wall kind of needs something too, but the weight of the lamp and tray table are enough for me. For the time being...

See? Nothing to be scared of! I can't believe I was such a baby all these years.
I didn't want anything too overwhelming or statement-y (yeah, I like making up decorating words), just some character!

{triple threat}

The best part was it cost all of zero dollars thanks to finding an old box in the basement. I had 4 of these Michael's frames that I matted and mounted scrap book paper too from my office at our last house (holla if you are a nestie and remember when people had bios, not blogs!). So I took 2 and got to mounting some family prints I had around the house.

I also had this 3 laying around that I've had for years but that recently hasn't seen a lot of love. Problem was it wasn't adhesive hook friendly! But I came up with a fast and easy solution to easy hang items or art like this.

First I knotted some twine so that the knot was bigger than the top of the hole but smaller than the bottom at a length I liked.

Then I cut it right below the knot.

and slipped it into the opening, pulling up. Snug as a bug in a rug!

I liked the texture the twine gives, but didn't really love the visual of the adhesive hook so I simply mounted the hook under another frame.

Because white on white can be a little... um bright? I decided to mount the pictures over some of the board and batten to allow natural light and shadows to give a hint of contrast so they don't just fade into the wall.

{my all time favorite picture of Wren. Soooooo her!}

What do you think, should I add one or two over the folding table??

{ is it weird that I love how plump lilacs are? }

{ the bigger picture }

I have had a lot of emails in the past year about how we are liking/adjusting to not having an eat in kitchen and whether it was a good or bad move. I think it deserves it's own blog post in the near future where I can elaborate on it all. But the short answer is: 

{ NO regrets }


Michele said...

Your Home Is Always So Beautiful ~~

Nice job with the photos on the wall ~~

Pearl 13.1

Sarah said...

Old D&R nestie here, Holly!!! What's up?!! (BTW, have you been there lately? I think blogs have killed it, I feel really bad. I mean, there are still a lot of people that hang out there but way less than one page of new posts per day. Oops!!) Your home is still and always will be gorgeous! Do not worry about the last 5%!! Love the new framed pics and number 3. Don't even think you need anything on the other side, as long as you keep something tall on that table. Love all the subtle color and wood tones, etc that you have been adding to the all the white. PS. Can't believe how grown up Wren is:)

Lenya Kovacevic @ 7 Year Wedding said...

I agree with Michele, your home is lovely! Love the use of the flowers for a little colour accent. Have a lovely day!

sissie said...

Your home is so lovely. I think that you have decorated it so beautifully and I wouldn't change a thing.
I know what you mean about getting 95% of the room done and finishing it with confidence. Happens to me all the time.
But believe me you have nothing to worry about.


Krista said...

I am so jealous of your space & those lilacs! We recently landscaped our home and I really wanted to buy a lilac bush, but was advised against it for our climate. Boo!! I'm dying over the fabric on your chair in the photos...any idea of what it is? I'm in love!

laxsupermom said...

Love your lilacs! Ours barely bloomed this year. I'm not sure what went wrong. Love the new artwork. Hanging them over the battens to create depth and shadows is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

Holly and Sean said...

Hey Sarah! I've tried to back once or twice but you're right, it doesn't keep much of a pace. Ahhh the good old days LOL! So glad you said hello!

Krista, we have three kinds of lilacs in our yard, all bloom at different times so maybe there is a variety out there that might work for you? They are no maintenance which I love!
As for the fabric, I wish I knew but it came on the chair which was a clearance home sense find. Sorry!

Lenya and Sissie, thanks for the virtual high five, it always helps to build decorating confidence (which we all need from time to time, or more often) and sweet words like those o a long way!

bagfashionista said...

i have issues with figuring out what to put on walls....then again, i'm not much of a jewelry person, so that may explain it a little, to use your analogy!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

We did two walls of frames with those 3m hooks, they are great. I really like what you hung and think it looks perfect without anything on the other wall...a bit unexpected and not too much. Love your lilacs, we took our bush out years ago and miss bringing them inside.

Nette @ This Dusty House said...

I know that fear all too well... Except that my house is still way off from being finished and I still fail at making design choices that could help get me there! These additions are beautiful... love the '3' idea!

I would agree with the previous commenter... skip putting anything on the other side, but put something nice a tall - maybe even taller than the lamp! - on the little table.

Cami said...

You need these for hanging on walls too. I LOVE them!

Kelly said...

I love your lilacs too. They are a favorite flower of mine, but they aren't native to my area so I have to buy fakes. I will just enjoy yours through the internet though. Ha! I like the changes you made in your family room. I wouldn't add anything over the little table next to the fireplace. I think it's perfect as it is. Love your sofa!!

Audra said...

Very pretty! I wouldn't hang anything else on either side.....I think it looks great just as it is!-But of course I am a minimalist with design & decor. NO clutter for ME! :-)

Christine said...

Wow, haven't thought about nestie D&R board in years. I signed up when they first launched and they sent me a wedding planning kit with binder and a bunch of fun things for free. Man, that makes me feel old. There were some amazing bios on there and the people were so positive it was such a great place to be.
Love what you hung and the tray table looks great. Amazingly beautiful lilacs.

Barbara said...

So pretty those are it must smell amazing in your house. THe the number 3 that looks good with the frames.

Jenny {Liberty and Lace} said...

Love it, definitely "warms" the room up. I adore your house, I've aways loved it but it keeps getting better! :)

leslie said...

I love the subtle pops of color you have added to your family room..definitely more cozy..

Cara Moran said...

Your couch and new space is beautiful. I definitely agree with you about not missing my eat-in kitchen. We eat in the dining room now, too. I feel like the dining room isn't wasted, and the old eat-in is now a table-desk/art center. The table is large enough to hold a basket of supplies. Ab fab

Lauren said...

Love how you finished the space, and I am laughing about the Knot/ nest.... I was addicted to the D&R board... feels like a lifetime ago!

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