Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Candle of the Month

I haven't been lighting as many candles around the house this past month, opting to open windows and let the  fragrance of fresh lilacs float in instead. But when I took a sniff of this candle last week I knew I'd be lighting it daily.

{ One of my favorite things: lighting a new candle for the first time }

I bought this Flora & Fauna candle at Home Sense for $9.99. I love that you can get a really good, high quality candle for around $10! It is soy wax and comes in a cute box and ceramic cup.

It has a beautiful fragrance that is a perfect blend of masculine cologne and fresh gardenias with a hint of lily of the valley. It actually reminds me quite a bit of this previous candle of the month. Once lit it fills the house with a beautiful scent in only a matter of minutes.

{ perfect for getting rid of cooking odors in the evening }

I am not sure on the actual burn time, but this is my third Flora & Fauna candle and the last two seemed to last for ages. I would guess about 40 hours based on it's size but I wouldn't be surprised if it exceeds that by a bit.


I find that I actually care as much about the container as I do about liking the scent since I try to reuse it later on. They are always great to have on hand for small flower arrangements, or gathering pens and pencils. Specially if you go to a lot of parties, it is nice to arrive with fresh flowers already arranged and in a container! 

{ a nice glow as the day closes }

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The Captain's Daughter said...

I recently found some of the F&F candles at our Home Goods and you're right... The scent is amazing, they burn well and for a long, long time and the pretty boxes are a nice bonus too. The ones I got came in a heavy, round box. :)

Loving the Lexington updates! Keep up the terrific work!


Barbara said...

ooh I love the candle of the month, this one looks good, I love anything citrus myself.

The enchanted home said...

Sounds like a winner and 10? Bargain! I looooove your tray too, so elegant!

Missy said...

Where did you get that cute octopus pillow?? I LOVE it!

Wye... said...

That's a really good price + I'll have to check this out.


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