Friday, June 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

It's about that time again! Please feel to join in in celebrating a little happiness by linking in the comments or simply sharing your happiness there (I promise I'll get the linky thing going soon enough, it just seems to be awfully low on a long to-do list).

{ thrifted Paige Laurel Canyon jeans }
These were my first ever thrift store clothing purchase for myself. $6 for a sweet pair of jeans? This is what dreams are made of!

{ forgotten stacks of antique plates in the basement }
We cleaned out a room in the basement for Wren to have a play room. Turns out I'd forgotten about 2 GIANT boxes of china I scored for $1 at an auction last year. Way too pretty to forget in a basement.

{ Birthdays }
Need I say more? My hubby is now 28 and we celebrated with all our bestest friends in the world. The castle was for the kids, but we had ourselves a blast too. 

(ps: Alexis, your butt looks good here, don't hate me for this photo!)

The birthday boy.

{ garden bounty }
I love english garden roses, they are not as sophisticated or dramatic as other varieties but they smell heavenly. 

{ ripped sheets as head wraps }
It's safe to say I have been crazy about vintage sheets lately.  Using them in any way I can possibly think of, they have been a blessing for our hair this summer. Great for keeping after pool messy hair under control, specially on little people.

{ still loving cutlery on the counter }
Emptying the dishwasher was never easier, and easy to take outside for BBQ season.

{ floppy, droopy roses }
They seem to be most fragrant at this stage. A good reminder that getting older is beautiful in it's own way.


Samantha said...

Those jeans were a great find!

gg said...

I love to water my gardens and flowers. It's relaxing and it produces even more joy when I see everything flourish because I spent time holding a water hose.

Anonymous said...

I just adore the pink roses in this post! so sweet, pretty and refreshing! thanks for sharing. your next post looks equally I'm off to read it.

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Kristina said...

hmmm, things that make me, little birds, my husband. I got my wisdom teeth out this morning, and husband has been so attentive and helpful...makes me happy that i caught such a great guy!

{ L } said...

$60 would've been a deal on the jeans, but $6?! That is one crazy score! Good find.

bec said...

It's easy to see why these things make you happy..I feel happy just looking at the pics.
great jeans by the way...good score!
Bec x

Barbara said...

Score on the jeans, I have the drooping flowers can't get rid of until I get new ones.

Karen Needham said...

Love the cutlery on your bench, what a neat idea!

The flowers are pretty too, but they aren't roses, they are Camellias :)

Hayley said...

Simple but gorgeous, you make cutlery look stunning! Thankyou for sharing. Hayley x

Mehul said...
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