Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick Gift

Most years I am that person who has great intentions to get everything wrapped and ready by mid December but always seem to end up hunting down that last minute gift for someone on the 22nd or so. This year I worked extra hard to make it really happen and for the first time I succeeded. By avoiding the malls at this chaotic time of year I have had a little time to also get creative, and maybe this will help you out of needing to hit the stores yet again!
I read an interesting article recently regarding gifts and how much to spend. It seems that most people don't have any more gratification from a gift just because it cost more. Good news for those of us who like to do homemade Christmases. One gift in particular that I find difficult to find with short notice is a hostess gift. The token bottle of wine is pretty standard but if I have time I like to get a more personal item. If I don't have time I like to jazz it up with a small box and one of these:

I picked up a big box of horse shoes a few years back for a couple bucks but I've seen them since at western stores and at Lee Valley. With a whimsical linen bow tied on and a random item from my treasure jar sewed on (in this case a rainbow color pompom) it is a great box topper, or stand alone gift to bring luck to the recipient.
And who doesn't want more luck? I know they've brought me some since I have saved both money and a trip to the mall!
Proof for Sean that my random purchases and boxes of "junk" all have a purpose!
PS- You may have noticed that I have started tagging my photos. It isn't because I think they are super awesome, but because some lovely readers have taken the time to email me and let me know that a lot of my photos are turning up on Pinterest and other blogs and are being credited back to another blog. One blog even had my photos as their header! So hopefully this will cut down on confusion for innocent bloggers who think they are crediting the right site, and THANKS to all you awesome scouts who let me know~


Jen said...

i tried to pin some things from your site a while back (directly from you) and the picture wouldn't show up. i was so sad because i get all kinds of inspiration from your furniture re-do's and silly pinterest wouldn't let me collect them all in one place.

and someone used your pics as a header!?!? oh my...i suppose that's a compliment [ sort of ]

Holly and Sean said...

I am a stranger to pinterest still Jen so I wish I knew why that happens. I am sure others have had the same trouble, hence the confusion. But this way even if someone downloads the photo to their desktop like I often do they don't have to worry about remembering where it's from.
Yeah, the header thing was really strange. Specially because the blogger actually paid someone to do the header and had no idea that the designer used someone's images without permission.

Happy Holidays!!

Jenski said...

Cute idea - I just pinned it! :-)

LISA said...

I would L-O-V-E to receive one of these beauties as a hostess gift! So simple, elegant, original! Wanna come to my place for dinner?

Stacey said...

This is such a sweet idea!! I would love to get given one of these!!!



The Captain's Daughter said...

Silly me! I thought you were just personalizing those lovely paper place mats! I own some of them too and thought it was a great way to promote your website. Again, silly me!

I am sorry that your beautiful photos are showing up in other places without your permission and without proper credit.

LisaMende said...

Holly, I think it is smart to label your photos! I wish I knew how to do that! It's just smart.

Sarah said...

I just pinned it too and ordered a lot of 10 horse shoes off of ebay- I love this idea!

Merry Christmas!!!

1 Funky Woman said...

Genius! Most definitely the best idea ever!

Ilke said...

I really like the nice twist on the horseshoes. We have lots of these hanging on the walls in homes in Turkey. They are normally adorned by evil eyes (or lucky eye as it is called here) to collect the negative energy before they reach you and harm you. I know it is just a superstition but it always makes me feel safe even when I know it is not true.

kaylan said...

good call on labeling your photos! i have noticed a few of your photos wrongly credited on pinterest, but then you started stamping them so i didn't email you. glad other people did!

to Lisa and others who are wondering, one of the easiest (and free) ways to label your photos is to download Picasa - Google's free photo editing software, good for PCs and Macs - and use the "Picnik" editing tool. it allows you to add text to your photos, add borders, etc. just use the text feature to add your blog stamp!

PamH said...

I can't even believe someone used your photos in their HEADER?? What is wrong with people??? So strange to me. And I LOVE the horseshoe idea! In fact, I've been bugging one of my friends to bring by some of her old horseshoes (that were actually used by a horse...ha ha) for me to decorate with! Maybe I should email her this blog post since she's coming to a party here tomorrow night...lol!

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