Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!

I want to wish you a safe and happy 2012. Despite my long absences here during the kitchen overhaul (which turned into a life overhaul of sorts) you have hung around, shared words of encouragement and definitely made me smile. So thank you kindly for that!

In the coming year I am looking forward to lots of new adventures, simple pleasures and of course finding treasures.

So in 2012 I wish you nothing but the best and hope that some of your dreams come true.

Onwards and upwards as they say!


G-style said...

Just stopped by for the first time and must say to you that I love your blog and your style.

Also a very happy new year !!

greetings from Gea ( G-STYLE)

Becky said...

And also to you Holly! Hope you have a fun, safe healthy New Years!

Miss Rubio said...

Happy Happy New Year!!! I am sure you will definitelly have adventures and find treasures in the process :-) xx

howsweetisthat1 said...

Happy New Year to you as well!

Wye said...

Happy New Year + and let it be a prosperous one.


Jess said...

Happy New Year to you too!
2011 has been awesome and the best is yet to come!

Caroline said...

I always enjoy reading your delightful blog entries and look forward to seeing what discoveries come your way in 2012! All the best for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years Holly!

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