Thursday, August 19, 2010

*Well hello*

Geez, this week... actually the whole month seem to be flying by! I feel like we need at least 8 more hours in the day. We have had one of the busiest weeks of the Summer, mainly because finally finishing the laundry room seems to have spurred on a record number of projects. It kind of feels like we are back at the pace we were keeping with the renos before Wren was born. WHICH IS AWESOME!!! This past week we have not only got all our kitchen appliances, drawn out the kitchen schematics but we have finally cleared out the insane amount of debris (aka random clothing, furniture and accessories) that had taken over the third bedroom-soon to be White Berry headquarters. It looks huge again and I am off to pick up some paint for the walls today before we bring in my desk. Then I can start the decorating!!!
Sean is also tackling our closet now that he has lost the third bedroom dumping ground. We planned on just doing the wood floors and updating the shelving, but BAM! he peeked into the crawl space and now he is planning on using all the unfinished space above the kitchen and extending the closet! That one is a bit of a bigger undertaking so we are going to do our research before the walls come down. But it would quadruple the size of our walkin so I am praying it all works out!
Besides all of that I have been accessorizing up a storm, particularly for the nearly complete dining room. My all time favorite thrift store find happened just last week when I saw this Lollia candle, brand new in the packaging, sitting on a shelf for $1! I have probably spent close to $100 on just 2 of these candles before and they were worth every penny... so to scoop one up for $1 felt pretty amazing!
I have also added a cap or two to my collection for the dining room table~

And I found these adorable dolphin goblets on clearance at homesense for a whopping $1 each! I cannot wait to use them in the dining room, or at the very least display them in one special glass cabinet I will be doing in the kitchen.

And back to the topic of the kitchen... I have my heart set on some sort of island. But Sean really wants to keep it open and airy, but most importantly he doesn't want anything blocking the view to his beautiful new gas range. So I am trying to convince him that we just need something neat like an old trolley to give us some added work space. Here's to hoping that one of these images convinces him!!!

I know I am a horrible blogger by not crediting these, but I truly have no idea where they came from so if you have any idea let me know and I will edit to include it!

Ok! I am off to pick out some paint and get rolling. And don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see a HUGE pile of fantastic, reader submitted projects for Fresh Coat Friday!!!


christine said...

My goodness, do you SLEEP, Holly!?? ; ) You are an inspiration to get my butt in gear on things around my house. Thank you.

Amber's Notebook said...

wow that cap collection is just beautiful! I would love to come over to your house for coffee! It just looks so peaceful!

**Frugal Contessa** said...

I LOVE Lollia candles. What a fantastic find. Can't wait to see what you do in the kitchen, but I hope you guys get some down time before summer passes us by.

{ L } said...

I can't BELIEVE your candle find! You're a lucky girl...I would love to find that deal. I've always wanted to have one. <3

AntiqueChase said...

I think the kitchen with the "eggs" sign is from the Polished Pebble blog... but don't quote me... LOL

Anonymous said...

i could not live without a HUGE kitchen island!!

Jessica said...

Hey Holly!

I love your kitchen inspirations. I spotted an awesome island the other day and took a picture of it. I will email it to you. It is small but I know that you could make something just like it (even better actually).


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi the dophin glasses really neat!

Could you please email me I won the dress at Shabby Appleand I'd like to give you my imformation:)

Thanks, Rondell

Amy @ Journey Mum said...

AntiqueChase was right about the kitchen with the eggs sign. Our kitchen needs to be gutted and we are working with an unusually shaped space too. We are always tossing around ideas of what to do with it. I should start saving pictures for inspiration too!

Shauna said...

The light in the last photo just really creeps me out....but great kitchens otherwise! I already had one saved so I can now add a few others to the inspiration files!

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