Monday, December 8, 2008

Wall Stall

Now that I have a few finished rooms to play with I am at a complete loss of what to do with all these walls! I don't want to mess up the lovely new paint and end up patching a ton of holes yet, I want to try some new and fun ideas! One thing I am definitely on the hunt for is a huge beveled mirror like this one for the living room:

I have no idea where this would work in our house, but I think it is such a cute and fresh take on plates on the wall:

(photo from ShakinStyle)

And if you found a ton of cool fabrics at Tonic Living, but don't know what to do with them, here are a couple really simple and inexpensive ideas for freshening up any wall:


BRAT girl said...

Some great inspiration! We have a large mirror we recycled from above the fireplace. It has a 1" bevel and will go in our mudroom ... a work in progress. I love the idea for displaying fabric. I'm addicted to pretty prints! ;)

Mike and McGee said...

Know anyone doing a bathroom renovation? Builders are notorious for slapping giant mirrors on the bathroom wall and calling it a day. We replaced our giant mirror with medicine cabinets, and we're about to frame out the mirror with moulding and lean it against a wall like that.

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks McGee! We just so happen to be in the midst of 3 of those! I will try and get hubby to take one down without breaking it!!!

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