Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the shuffle continues

A leopard never changes his spots and neither does a Holly I guess...

I am SO happy I am not alone in my misguided Target splurge last weekend. You all made me very happy to hear that we have all been there from time to time, trying to fit a decorating square into a circle. As long as we recognize that while we love it all, we don`t necessarily bring it all home. I love Kaylan`s comment about keeping a few photos on our iphones to stay on track and I will definitely be doing that (thanks, girl!).

Now that I have a little time on my hands again I have been going full tilt on my house spruce up. It has been just over a year since WhiteBerry wound down and I am still in the midst of creating our 'true home' (anyone who works from home or has had any sort of career in furniture flipping knows what I'm talking about here!). It is the journey, not the destination, I hear. But I am excited to finally arrive.

Part of my living room update has been to find a lower, more substantial coffee table for the room. I have looked high and low, and at every price point. Nothing has jumped out at me but I did find a pair of great vintage coffee tables at a resale store for $40 last week. 
 photo _MG_5439_zpsf737b645.jpg 

2 cans of high gloss spray paint were all I needed to fall in love. Here is a little glimps!
 photo _MG_5466_zpsac76a9f9.jpg 

A couple of you were kind enough to ask what went back to Target. The pillow on the chair in the photo above and the wood frame are keepers so far, but these guys just didn't feel right for me.
But I still love them...
 photo _MG_5441_zps3b2b07e2.jpg 

I also painted this guy over the weekend for our bedroom. He has sat in our garage for over a year and Sean gave me an ultimatum to make it happen or say goodbye during his garage purge this weekend. See what I mean? Shuffle is an understatement for what the last week has held in our house. Plus I completed the powder room makeover (more on that later this week)!
 photo _MG_5442_zps28905970.jpg 

With the dresser heading up to our room, our slipcovered thrift store sofa came down to the kitchen nook. 

Sean has not been a huge fan of this sofa (not the concept of a sofa in our bedroom but the french legs in particular we his issue), but as soon as we set it down in here we both looked at each other and smiled. It was like it was made for this spot!

Dare I say I am looking forward to a couple lazy afternoon naps in here?
 photo _MG_5484_zps657cf3c9.jpg

So that sums up my last few days. Hope yours have been productive and filled with pretty as well!!


Douglas said...

I love all the rearranging...as well as the blogging updates! :) I missed you around here! Do you find that glossier paint wears better on furniture? I struggle with not wanting ikea-esh gloss while also wanting to wipe down the furniture from grimy fingerprints. Any thoughts?
Enjoy your new additions around the house...can't wait to see the bathroom update! Marissa

Barbara said...

It's all so pretty, love the grey/black table its perfect.

Freckles Chick said...

Damn girl, you never sit still for long! Loving the new updates 'round the house (Threshold trial & error & all). Can't wait to see the powder room's new look!!!

Now, scootch over. I'm exhausted & need to take a nap on that settee after reading about your recent goings-ons ;)

Laurie said...

Wow what a difference. Love the tables turned coffee table and the couch is perfect. Can't wait to see your powder room update.

erin said...

I love the story about the two women who grew-up in Parkview! I can only imagine how excited they must have been to drive by every day and see the love it was finally getting! What a fun experience! PS-I did the same thing with the Threshold line...bought about 20 new pieces and ended up keeping 2 once I got them all home! They are just so darned cute and well-merchandised! Oh well, I always "by it when I see it" and figure since they have a great return policy I can take things back if they don't look right in my house! Gotta love Tar-Jay!

Julie said...

ok, Holly. those tables....amazing! I love love love what did to them. their shape is absolutely perfect. and seriously, a gorgeous place to sit in the kitchen is priceless. I truly love it!

beth said...

Love the changes. The sofa really does look like it was built for that space. Where did you get the pillow? It's simply gorgeous!

stephanie said...

Love what you have done to the place! Target is the best isn't it??

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl you have been busy. My home is a constant reshuffle in progress so I totally get it. I'm always taking something back or to consignment. LOL

Amanda Rydell said...

Oh, look at all those awesome painting projects!! I am LOVING them so!!! Nothing a white can of spray paint can't fix... :)

Jocelyn said...

Where did you get the rug? I've been looking all over for something similar!

maggie said...

Those tables are great! So versatile. I'd like to know where you got the lamp in your living room.

Amanda Rydell said...

loving all your furniture makeovers!!!!
you are amazing!!!

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