Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy


It is still so hard to believe that 2012 is over and 2013 is already in full swing, isn't it? I like to think I am a pretty happy person, but this year I want to embrace the things that really really bring joy. Deep belly laughs, great friends and good memories are things we all love and cherish. We want our lives filled with them, but the daily grind often distracts us, drains our energy. It takes reminding that while it takes some initial energy output to make room for these moments they always pay out far more than you put in. So I am deciding that 2013 is the year I am going to fight for more friend time, more family time, more quality time. 

And I am glad to continue with my 2012 tradition of documenting little moments and things that bring happiness in this house of ours. I know I've already titled these post "things that make me happy" but I am going to make an effort to include every member of the family in these little salutes to smiles. I like to share these little snippets of happiness on instagram as well, so if any of these are familiar to you already my apologies. If they aren't, please come say Hi on there, we have quite a sweet little circle of friendship and inspiration happening on there.

{ my ten cent strand of mint beads }
I love pairing them with a fresh white blouse or a perfectly feminine pinky/peach bohemian style top for a little bit of drama.

{ an old stack of Bronte sister novels }
Wren always asks me why I like books without pictures. It is hard to answer her at this age with anything more in depth than "I make the pictures in my head". But I cannot wait to see her really catch the reading bug as she gets older and devour books at the rate I do.

{ weeks old birthday balloons that are clinging to life }
and a sassy face. love that too.

{ a fabulously pepperminty birthday gift from my better half }
This is true hot chocolate, right here. You literally have to melt chocolate, which makes me feel like a master chef without all the homework.

{ Stripe Spotting }
My family all got the memo that I am insanely obsessed with Hudson's Bay Company stripes and between them all I have miles of stripes to my name now. THANKS guys! And to top it all off I scored a HBC wool blanket at Value Village this week for a screaming deal at a whopping $6. "START THE CAR"

{ Ceramic Tumblers }
I think I am the last person to catch this trend, but I'd rather be late than never arrive! We have always used the glass version of these IKEA tumblers, but the pretty white ceramic version is super fresh and bright. It also comes in a dreamy pink which we scooped up to outfit our nearly finished revamp of my Sister in Law's condo.

{ Capes }
I think they are a highly under utilized wardrobe accessory, no?

Little Mint Riding Hood agrees whole heartedly.

For 2013, what are you looking forward to that is making you happy? Any good resolutions?


Tin Roof Farmhouse said...

I'm looking for balance & consistency in 2013. I'm hopeful this will bring happiness into all parts of my life...

~ mind, body, soul ~ home, health, heart.

Love your images & writing!

Cheers, Erica

Laurie said...

Your photography ROCKS! This is a whole lot of happiness - love it.

Carol-Anne said...

What an AMAZING deal you got on that blanket! We sell them for over $100 (sometimes well over!) at our store, so I know that was a bargain. I, too, have recently caught the stripe-fever....and I thought *I* was the last person! Ha!

(Your little girl is getting cuter by the day!)

Shannon Dew said...

Mint is so pretty! I love your style!

Room Candy Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing, Holly! Great pictures!! Love the tumblers...are they available at IKEA, too? ~Dawn

Coralee said...

YOU DID NOT find an HBC blanket at VV!?!?! What an amazing find. I was just drooling over them this week, but at a $395 price tag for a queen...drooling is about all I can afford.

Y Mama said...

Such a great post. I'm looking for a little more balance, which includes purging. and more purging. We need less stuff. Less visual noise!

Miss Maple said...

Like all your white things. The cape is gorgeous. Maybe you want to see my latest posts about vintage capes. But be aware: Most of them are coloured.

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