Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little warmth

I spy with my little eye something that is striped. Can you spot it?

If you said this rug you are an eye spy pro! I made a quick stop in at HomeSense (aka Canadian HomeGoods) to pick up a few baking items for Wren's party earlier this week, and you know that means scour the sale racks and every other aisle if your name is Holly. And that is how I found this dandy.

It is a simple flat woven rug (I am a BIG believer in flat woven rugs for high traffic-kid friendly areas) in a perfectly beachy striped pattern. But the part I loved about it so much was the fun pattern in some of the beige stripes made it kind of unexpected. Oh yeah, and this 9x11 rug had a price tag of only $149, but the best part was that I had a gift card from christmas still so it cost me all of zero dollars.

{ thanks for the new rug Grandma!!! }
You know that feeling where you would rather not buy something and make the wrong choice than just leave it as is? That is how I felt about it. I have put off finding a rug for in here because I wanted something I would love, but at the same time not quite as predictable as usual. BUT I was a little uncertain how a pattern would look near my happy chair. 

I think these two will get along just fine though.

Have you found any AMAZING after-holiday sales this January?


Kay said...

That rug is gorgeous! I'm going to have to stalk my local HomeSense locations to find one of my own...the price is unbeatable, and it would look lovely in my bedroom!

Christina said...

I've never been to HomeGoods but one just opened up down the street. Every day I've been planning my attack but haven't gotten there yet. Probably a good thing for my wallet though! (I tend to buy more things when they are less expensive... Like people overeating when they have lower calorie products.) I LOVE the stripes with the happy chair!

ThisDustyHouse said...

I LOVE it! Only $149?!?! Nice find indeed! I love flat woven rugs, but every time I take a peak at rugs, they seem so expensive and I'm like you... I'm never quite sure what I want, I can never visualize how it will look in my space, so I just put it off and put it off...

It looks great!

Laurie said...

Fantastic rug!

Dawn @ Inspired Living said...

I guessed rug but I already saw it on Instagram. :)

Love the rug and the subtle pattern. Love how that and the chair stand out in the space but are still calming.

I too am on the hunt for a new rug in our living room. I stop by HomeGoods weekly to check out the goods.

Restoration Hardware has some great sales right now. I just purchased the LARGE zinc letters for my sons room and the hardware is 30% kitchen needs that finishing detail still.

Kim @ Plumberry Pie said...

looks great! i've been holding off on a rug awaiting the perfect. perhaps i should take another look over there.;)

question, what is the color of your walls in that room? thanks.

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks ladies!!

Kim, the grey color is Barley Beige by either Behr or CIL, sorry I can't remember but I got it at Home Depot.
The white is Seed Pearl by Pratt and Lambert.

Jordynluise said...

That is an AMAZING steal! I swear I think I saw that same one at marshalls and almost bought it. Where did you get your pillows at on your couch?! I'm in love!! We are getting that same couch from IKEA :)) Can't wait to start playing with my living room!

Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

i found some curtains on sale that I love! but, they aren't going to be long enough if i raise the rod to where i want it.. so, i found some material and i'm going to sew a a piece to the bottom so they hit the floor :o) love it!

missytoe said...

I am having the same dilemma with the rug thing. We have 3 dogs, 3 cats and a 5 year old human and rugs get some hard wear around here and just don't last that long. Nice find! This is a cheapie deal, but my Target has their cable knit sweater throw blankets on clearance for $13--I think they were originally $29. I bought a great one in cream. It's thin but it's perfect for just a little warmth.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I just have to say that I LOVE that chair in the corner too! So colorful and fun. :)

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