Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Be Crafty + In The Fun Lane

This is the moment I've been waiting to share for a few months now! My super amazing blog friend, Amanda of Be Crafty, is coming north and bringing her fabulous crafting workshop to Edmonton for all us Northern girls. Together we have come up with three great Summer projects:

  1. Dipped dyed canvas bag perfect for taking to the beach and summer library trips.
  2. painted clay pot with gold/bronze foil
  3. a set of water colored notecards with DIY envelopes

All supplies, treats and beverages (and swag bag) are included in the cost of registration.
Spaces are very limited and will be held at my friend Leanne's Apple Box Design Studio, so grab a couple girlfriends and sign up here today! It's sure to be an amazing event and I can hardly wait for June to get here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lot's going on!

Hi Guys!
Sorry, been a really busy busy week! I have been working on various projects this week, but like I mentioned earlier in the week I have a couple fun announcements.

The first is that some of the June Style at Home magazines have trickled out to subscribers already and I hear we are in that issue (insert silent scream of excitement here)!!!! Despite working closely with the photographer, writer and fact checker I actually have no idea what photos are included or what the actual write up says. They like to keep that secret until the issue comes out so it really will be a total surprise to see it all actually printed! I hear CottageK will be in the July issue and I have been working with them this week on getting the write up finalized so it will be kind of surreal to see these projects in such a high profile magazine. I definitely have a lot of respect for how much time and energy goes into every part of a story now and will be sure not to just glance over the pretty pictures from now on (soooo guilty of this).

The second is that we have been working on a project for the past nine months that I have kept under wraps. You may remember me mentioning our cabin from time to time. In fact, I have mentioned it, taken photos of the lake and our adventures (like in this post), but I've actually never showed a photo of the cabin itself.

Why? Well, the cabin isn't mine or Sean's but my parent's and it was passed down to them from my Dad's Grandmother. So it is a family legacy really, that we have always enjoyed retreating to. However, as anyone who lives near water knows, things deteriorate faster there. And while we all adored the original 600 square foot cabin, it needed A LOT of work. Like more work than it would take to build brand new. Like, it didn't have any insulation or even a city sewer line!!! So after a lot of thought our family (mainly my Dad) decided to start fresh.

Unfortunately all of the progress photos are tied up on my 'dead' laptop (which I hope to revive for photos!) but I am excited because we are in the final phase and my Mom and I are getting ready to start the decorating phase just in time for Summer. But I am getting pretty pumped to show you all the hardwork my Mom has put into it so far and our new summer getaway retreat. So the next couple weeks will feature a lot of current shots and idea boards for our big job of getting it decorated for Summer.

Finally, I have some really really fun news I will be sharing on Monday for anyone looking to embrace their crafty side in the Edmonton area! I promise, you won't want to miss this one.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We're Back!

 photo disney025blog_zps7d343df9.jpg 

Sometimes it feels just as good to come home as it does to go on holidays. We had such a fun, relaxing break from daily life while we were away (thanks for not giving up on me and my blog on my little hiatus!), but it is kind of refreshing how much we've been motivated to do since we got home. 

 photo disney032blog_zps97bcb0bd.jpg 

We did all our favorite things, spent lots of time catching up on the sunshine it feels like we've been missing here at home, and had lots of laughs. Sean falling through a screen door will forever make me giggle uncontrollably (regretably, no photo of that moment).
 photo disney038blog_zpsc56318ee.jpg 

A day at the beach with my Dad, despite being cloudy and overcast, was probably my single favorite adventure.
 photo disney026blog_zps24851380.jpg  photo disney017blog_zps53d2f031.jpg 

And of course we did the obligatory Disney stay, which was a blast, yet soooo tiring.
 photo disney004blog_zps26079161.jpg  photo disney001blog_zps689b59f8.jpg

But we are back at it and have been excited about the warm weather that is finally signalling Spring here at home! Mainly because we are going to tackle a bathroom reno upstairs in Wren's bathroom as well as our staircase (FINALLY!!!!). I have so many ideas and plans that I will share here and some fun news I'll be unveiling in the next week or so with one of my favorite bloggers.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joyful by My Daughter Fragrance Giveaway!

I am soooo very excited about this giveaway! You may have seen the Joyful perfume ad on my sidebar before, and I am thrilled to share more about it today. Joyful is a scent by My Daughter Fragrances, which is a company started and run by a local Edmonton mom. Janey is probably one of the sweetest ladies out there and she has created an absolutely stunning scent. 

Not only was is dreamed up by Janey, but she literally hand cures, filters and bottles all the raw materials that she gets from France. Every bottle is a labor of love, and I can promise you that it shows. The scent is fresh, vibrant and happy. Joyful is the perfect expression to describe it. 


Janey has so very generously offered up one of the 50mL bottles of Joyful to one lucky reader

As well as one travel sized spray to another lucky reader!!
To enter, simply click in and enter your email to rafflecopter so I can contact you later if you win! Contest is open until midnight on April 16.

A BIG thank you to Janey and My Daughter Fragrances! 

Good luck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life in Paradise

Sorry for the radio silence guys! My laptop died over a week ago and I am making the transition to Mac (I'm sure it will be great, but I don't deal well with change!). No sooner had my laptop bit the dust than we hopped on a plane to California for some much needed rest and relaxation. We had so much happening in March with at least two bouts of flu, countless trips to the dentist between all of us, and my endless hunt for the next flip project (and a fun upcoming announcement I will be sharing in a few weeks that I've been working on) it seems like the whole month went by in the blink of an eye. 

So we are slowing down for the next couple weeks. And while I may not have a slew of decor related posts I will have no shortage of pictures of warm weather and lush palm trees. Which is exactly what I've been longing for after our endless winter.


Is there anything more fun than cannon ball contests? I think not.


Be sure to stop by on Thursday as well, I have a really really fabulous giveaway!
And now I am off to pack up for our rendez vous with Mickey Mouse for the rest of the week.
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