Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joyful by My Daughter Fragrance Giveaway!

I am soooo very excited about this giveaway! You may have seen the Joyful perfume ad on my sidebar before, and I am thrilled to share more about it today. Joyful is a scent by My Daughter Fragrances, which is a company started and run by a local Edmonton mom. Janey is probably one of the sweetest ladies out there and she has created an absolutely stunning scent. 

Not only was is dreamed up by Janey, but she literally hand cures, filters and bottles all the raw materials that she gets from France. Every bottle is a labor of love, and I can promise you that it shows. The scent is fresh, vibrant and happy. Joyful is the perfect expression to describe it. 


Janey has so very generously offered up one of the 50mL bottles of Joyful to one lucky reader

As well as one travel sized spray to another lucky reader!!
To enter, simply click in and enter your email to rafflecopter so I can contact you later if you win! Contest is open until midnight on April 16.

A BIG thank you to Janey and My Daughter Fragrances! 

Good luck!


Carling Stiksma said...

Are there any local stores carrying the fragrance right now?! I would love to smell it!

katie snead said...

Love! I want that baby on my dresser for it's name, bottle, and I can't wait to smell it!

Giggles said...

Thanks for the great opportunity!!

Hugs Giggles

pballard said...

What a lovely giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

nicanon said...

adore her company philosophy!!! I wish more people would be like this in business. I hope Anthropolgie comes knocking soon!

Sue said...

Wonderful. Good luck! I'm always looking for a new scent. Thanks!


Jill said...

What a fun giveaway! I would love to win something wonderful like this :) Thanks!!!

Janey said...

Hi there…Thanks all for your support, Carling if you are local it is in boutiques in Edmonton,you can also order online.
The website gives a run down of the featured ingredients.
Good luck everyone!
founder of my daughter fragrances

missreneer said...

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I wasn't sure if this is open to the US but I entered just in case :)

fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

Debbie said...

Lovely giveaway! Would love the chance to win (and the opportunity to support a local mom). :)

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