Monday, November 17, 2014

Currently Obsessed With: Minda Home

You guys know how excited I get when I discover new sources for cool home decor? Well I feel like I hit the jackpot recently when I found Minda Home.

It is a small online boutique that only features the creations of a lovely lady named Melinda, which range from art, to textiles and holiday decor. 

My package arrived last week and I was blown away by the quality and beauty of everything inside. Everything was wrapped so beautifully in burlap and lovely pompoms (in fact I've held on to every pompom just because they we too lovely to not put to use!).

Wren trying to check out the treasures first...

All her Moroccan wedding blanket pillows, poufs, etc. are made with authentic vintage wedding blankets and filled with beautiful down inserts.

A couple of her beautiful pillow creations.

I cannot even tell you how flattered I was when I shared this photo on Instagram and she then dubbed the pillow on the right the 'Holly pillow'! It's my first official namesake product LOL. Thanks Melinda! 

You guys already know I am addicted to cool, unique art. 

And this piece in particular just makes me feel so happy yet peaceful. 

You know when you discover someone/something that just speaks to you? That I exactly how I feel about Melinda, she is bursting with talent and I cannot wait to add to my Minda Home collection~

She has the perfect balance of neutral, light, bright and a pop of fun!



christine, just bella said...

I seriously NEED that Holly pillow in my life. GORGEOUS.

Kassey said...

Oh my goodness, that pillow!! What a great find, thanks for sharing!!

Jenn @ said...

Wow.... never heard of them, but will definitely check them out. That pillow is stunning!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing, it seems a really sensitive and delicate style, love this kinda of pastel design colours !

Maria said...

As an artist I'm always glad to see other artists sharing their work online. There is room for all of us. Lovely pieces Minda Home!

Westbury said...

Love those pieces of art, the mix between monochrome minimalism and bright sparks of colour is perfect

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

This is such a gorgeous corner, I love all the details! the palette is so simple, but the variations in texture and all that amazing light just make this so special!

Anonymous said...

I take it you are done with your blog. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Best wishes.

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