Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 - 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! yes, I know it's been a while. The tail end of 2014 was crazy (as I'm sure it is for everyone!), between the last work at Laurier, working on Quesnell Heights flip, and Birthday's for Wren and yours truly amidst all the holidays, volunteering and general chaos, sitting down and writing here just seemed like an impossibility. I have some really big, exciting plans for the first half of 2015 that I can't share just yet, but I am hoping you will understand that while my blog isn't the same as it once was, I won't be disappearing anytime soon. But in the meantime, I thought I would do a nod back to the blogging days of old with a mix of decor/fashion and general life (of course, you can always catch up with me on IG where I share all of this stuff daily).

In no particular order, here were a few outfit highlights of December:

Forever21 jacket, Joes Jeans, Splendid loafers.

Madewell sweater and jeggings, Joe's Jeans suede boots

Zara jacket, Forever21 sweatshirt and jeans, Spring boots
Zara tribal sweater jacket, Theory leggings, military boots from Claire's (who knew they had shoes in there?)

And just days before the calendar switched over to 2015 I decided to try a totally different look and dyed my hair a silver/violet shade. TOTALLY out of character but I LOVE it. New Year, new look.

Rebecca Taylor sweater, H&M sweats.

hmmmm, what else is new??? Oh yeah, Santa came by. He was very good to Wren since she was such a good girl this year. There was some Frozen toys, a sled, and a giant Lego head to help sort and store her growing Lego collection. She loves this guy so much, as you shake it the different sized pieces are all sorted in different levels.


The super cute toys bags are from Etsy seller Tellkiddo, and they are perfect for those of us who have toys littering the whole house in various forms.

ANNNNND, I suppose one of the biggest changes, challenges and reasons I don't have nearly as much time for blogging is the fact that Toffee went from being an only-dog-child. To having a sister.

Ruby came along in October. Sean has been wanting a big dog for years and time and a litter of puppies seemed to finally align, bringing Ruby into our lives. She is a puppy, so obviously LOTS OF WORK. It's been a while since I've dealt with puppy stuff and I forgot just how busy they are. 

Then just a month later, around the time of my last blog post this little man came into our lives.

Mr. Bean came into our lives after running into traffic and I nearly killed him. Once I stopped and checked to see if he was alive and if he had a collar (he didn't) we saw that he was injured. It turns out he was most likely attacked by a coyote just an hour or so before we found him and he had multiple punctures and attack wounds, along with signs of previous abuse ( I won't go into detail, but it was horrific). It turns out he was microchipped and his previous owner declined to care for him, so we decided to help him back to health, and after a week or so we just couldn't part with him.

He is a spunky, funny little man and while he still has some anxiety after his attack he has come so far in the two months we've had him we just can't imagine life without him.

All of Wren's fur babies! Wren is the one who is most in love with all these guys. She is such an animal lover and to have three dogs to play with and train is a dream come true for her.

2014 ended on such a full, happy note and I am so excited to make 2015 amazing. 



Kristi said...

If you ever find three dogs just a bit too much, we would gladly take toffee off your hands! so sweet! (and that teepee! so fun!)

Sarah Derrig said...

Love the new hair colour, it looks fab. I adore the last photo of all your fur babies together. I've missed your posts, happy 2015! x

Anonymous said...

Your posts are a breath of fresh air! I probably shouldn't admit this but I check your blog for new entries almost every day and I smile from ear to ear when there is one. Thank you for bringing a little bit of happiness into my days and for helping me appreciate the little things, like a cup of coffee in the morning and a blooming tree in the back yard. Thank you for sharing your life and your eye for beauty with us. Happy New Year!

Jamie-So Much Better With Age said...

Can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2015!
Hugs, Jamie

Rachel@Pintucks and Peonies said...

Hi! I came across your blog today via Pinterest and love reading through your posts, especially this one because those fur babes are totes adorable!! I loved all your style choices too! And kudos for taking the plunge and rockin' that new set of locks. Looks awesome! :)

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