Tuesday, November 4, 2014

About the house...


I know I've been spotty at best in the back end of 2014 with blogging, but it really has nothing to do with my love of making little changes about the house! Nope, that is alive and well!

I have been working hard (in between actually working hard LOL) at de-cluttering, simplifying and minimalizing the house. Less stuff, more space and more calming. But I have been lazy about taking pictures with the fancy camera, so I thought I'd dump all my phone pics here. My apologies if a few look familiar from Instagram!


Hope your November has started with lots of fun and the promise of a lovely season to come!


Anonymous said...

I love the blue 'bubbly' art in the photo halfway through, resting on a night stand. Can you tell me about it?

Sarah @ Lady Sadie's Emporium said...

Looks amazing. Does Wren use her tee pee a lot? I'm thinking of ordering one for my 6 year old daughter.

kanal d said...

thanks for sharing :)

Holly Baker said...

Thanks guys! The art in our bedroom was a clearance home sense find from last year! Sorry, I wish it had more info on the back because so many people ask about it!

Sarah, Wren loves it! We even take it with us to the spray park in the summer for shade because it is so light weight. My friend Kristi makes super cute ones and can customize on Etsy she is BlueJeanMama

lala said...

Your home is truly a labor of love and it is just beautiful. I have been reading previous posts and I am amazed at your renovating skills and the vision you had for the house, especially with the staircase!!!! Opening up the rooms was definitely the way to go, and your color choices just really pull it all together.

Missy said...

I love love Wren's heart bedding! Do you mind sharing where it is from?

ChaChaKate said...

Where did you find the hardware for your drapes in the living room? They're lovely!

Margie said...

Hi Holly! I've just discovered your blog and I'm loving it. Your house is gorgeous, as are your flips. I finished my daughter's nursery just a few months ago and it reminds me of Wren's room. Looking forward to following along. Thanks!

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