Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So this chair...

was on clearance for $18 at HomeSense. The only catch? It's farmhouse red.  Obviously I've never let a little paint get in my way so I am giving it a makeover today. 

The odd part is that a french cross back chair has kicked off my home office overhaul. I know I've shared little peeks and shots from time to time but you would be embarrassed for me if I showed you the full shot today (don't worry, you will see what I mean next week). The problem is that we don't use our home office as an office. So setting it up as an office was a mistake.

What do we use it as? Mainly as a room to store craft supplies and where Wren and I do our projects (ie anything involving glitter or glue). So to make it the most effective I need to de-clutter (duh!) and ditch the desk in favor of a table. In fact, we already have our old dining table in there... plus my huge antique desk... plus a ton of chairs. Cramped would be an understatement at this point, which is how the clutter took control.

So I am throwing some new paint on the walls, bringing in some pieces from other rooms around the house (there is a surplus of furniture since we brought everything home from CottageK) and cranking out a home office aka craft zone.

Here are some of the rooms that I am loving various elements of for our revamp


Jen said...

Did you sell CottageK? I must have missed the post!

Holly Baker said...

I haven't made an official post about it yet, but CottageK has found a new owner ;)

christine, just bella said...

Hooray for a craft zone!! and hooray for selling CottageK, that is awesome!

Erin said...

OMG Holly, if you are ever selling your desk pleeeeaase email me!

Stacey said...

Love that chair! I went to a Homesense for the first time recently, I wish there was one closer than 2 hours from me!

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