Monday, June 17, 2013

Washi Tape and Flowers

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Have I mentioned my love of washi tape before? (that's rhetorical, don't answer)

I don't have a huge collection, but the few rolls I have get a lot of use for gift wrapping, art display and general DIY odds and ends. When we were on our girls weekend I found a little pot of gold at the back of the Madewell store: clearance washi tape! They were $1.90 a roll so I picked up a few more. I felt like a bit of a lame-O as I was preaching the amazing-ness of this find to the other ladies, who were much more excited about all the amazing clothes (and rightfully so!). But I knew all your fellow crafters would join me in going gaga over such a find.

With summer blooms popping up I have been putting my washi tape to good use around here.

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The good old washi-tape flag is a regular staple. It looks adorable in a little pot of flowers, or in a cupcake! If you buy a pack of small skewers I promise you will not be short of ideas for place to use a little flag (place settings, gifts, etc.)
 photo _MG_5732_zpsd99d493b.jpg 

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I was totally inspired by Amanda's adorable egg crate planter a couple weeks ago and decided to put one of my own to use as part of our gift for Wren's teacher. It's a great gift that will be useful even if the plants don't make it (let's be honest, mine usually don't...).

 photo _MG_5749_zps4add8609.jpg

 photo _MG_5753_zps74a945f9.jpg 

This is the easiest and most creative! Keep an old pasta sauce jar or jam jar and you can bring it to life for your next batch of flowers. 
 photo _MG_5756_zpsee6baef3.jpg

Here are a handful of other creative and beautiful ways to combine washi tape and flowers this summer:

May not be the most practical idea, but I am itching to try this flower covered wall.


Stacey said...

I love MT tape, my friend was living in Japan last year so she sent me some cute rolls and she came back with a suitcase full! She is always sending my things decorate with tape!


Five Minute Style 

modern jane said...

That last photo would be so simple and easy.. I love it!

Krystal Wight Armstrong said...

Please tell me about that gorgeous bloom in the milk bottle vase! It's the most beautiful flower I've never seen. 'Looks like a giant Purple Texas Bluebonnet! I love Purple, TX, and our native I'm super curious :)

{ amy } said...

Such fun patterns!! Would love it if you'd share at my {Work it Wednesday} Linky party!


Amanda Rydell said...

love what you did with your plants!!!
I bet her teacher was so excited to get such a sweet gift. I love how you used your washi tape all the way across!!!

I have been meaning to email you, can you email me your address :)


online florist said...

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florist said...

Totally pinning you and I don't think I could resist that sale either!

~Wishy Washi

Jamie {Better With Age} said...

I love washi tape and these are adorable! The gift for Wren's teacher is beautiful!
Jamie @ Better With Age

PamK. said...

Did you know you can make your own washi tape? I was thinking of posting a step by step (and literally there is little more than two steps - it's that easy). Let me know if you're interested:

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