Monday, June 17, 2013

Powder Room Update Update

I am excited to show you my mini-makeover in the powder room today! I finished up the paper and light before we left, and I still have a couple things left to do (you may notice the toilet paper holder is still missing... Ooops!) but it is pretty much done. And it feels so much happier!

 photo _MG_5873_zpsf9b6e4aa.jpg 

You may remember the game plan I laid out. 
 photo powderupdate_zpsa5cc8c84.jpg 

And it all came together really well. Sean isn't 100% sold on feeling like he is in Alfred Hitchcock's Birds when he is in here just yet... but Wren is particularly enamored with it (maybe I should have saved it for her bathroom). The bright, yet modern hits of color are a little out of my comfort zone but I am totally digging it in here. 

I am also keeping my eyes open for a bigger print or piece of art for the back wall still.
 photo _MG_5871_zps5ca686bf.jpg 

Particularly because this bathroom has NO natural light, and neither does the hallway it is in white just felt washed out and boring. 

To keep it from feeling too crazy/busy we left the wall reflected in the mirror paper-free.
 photo _MG_5863_zps46a2d705.jpg 

This way it doesn't look too overwhelming when you are trying to check your makeup or hair.
 photo _MG_5867_zps4c242cec.jpg 

The little ladder we painted for Wren last Summer (check out the transformation here) fits perfectly by the sink so she can wash her hands easily. We have felt pads on the feet as well so she can slide it into the kitchen if she wants to help at any time.
 photo _MG_5870_zps703ddb53.jpg 

My favorite thing is the light! It was $35 from Lowes (the mirror is also from there, $39).
 photo _MG_5869_zps4614dc18.jpg 

And I found a new waste basket on clearance at HomeSense for $10 that matches the metal of the light perfectly.
 photo _MG_5872_zpsb9aa8127.jpg 

 photo _MG_5864_zps62a948c2.jpg 

All totalled the mini-makeover came in as follows:
wallpaper $225
paste/supplies $40
light $35
mirror $39
waste basket $10
yellow Threshold towel $11

Total: $360

 photo _MG_5862_zpsa903545e.jpg

I have also just finished a few additions to the living/dining room I can't wait to show you!!


Anonymous said...

Do you mind if I ask what brand and style your sink is? Is is Kholer? We are redoing our powder room and I just want a simple white rectangular pedestal sink with an 8" spread.

Holly Baker said...

Hi Sarah!
It is a Kohler look a like I found when we did the original reno in 2009. But I did link to the actual Kohler a couple posts back when I laid out my plans for this room (mid-May)

I felt the same about an 8 inch spread and realized it was not easy to find on a pedestal sink. But the Kohler version is well worth it. Good luck on your reno!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

goodness gracious that's cute.

Laura said...

That wall paper is AMAZING! Love your mini makeover!

Brie @ Eat Books said...

Oh, I LOVE it! Did you put up the wall paper yourself??

Wendy said...

I love the wallpaper. Every detail is darling. :)

Stacey said...

This is just beautiful like everything you do! I need a house soI can have you decorate it!


Five Minute Style 

Sarah said...

I NEED that wallpaper! We are in the middle of a total house overhaul- and I have the perfect spot for that paper. Where did you find it?

Holly Baker said...

Brie, I did. It was a real pain, but not more than a 2 hour job (that required lots of cutting around pipes, etc.).

Holly Baker said...

Stacey, I would LOVE it! Call me girl.

Holly Baker said...

Sarah it is from Hygge & West. I linked it a couple posts back in my last powder room post.

Amanda Rydell said...

I am loving your wallpaper choice.
I just bought a roll of orla kiely, and super nervous to put it up..... yours looks amazing!!!

Douglas said...

I really love it...its such a departure from your typical norm but in such a fresh and beautiful way! I'm in love with it. I'm in the process of helping out our (ONLY!) bathroom and it has a hideous hollywood globe strip. How does the light you have do as the only light in the bathroom? We have a small window as well so I guess it wouldn't be the only light...would you leave with goofy makeup because it's the only light?? Thanks for the thoughts! Marissa

Elizabeth Joan Designs said...

I love the wallpaper! So fun and playful!! said...

Oh Holly love what you've done. The light fixture is super cute. You're always inspiring me.

Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell said...

WOW! It looks so amazing. What a light and airy feeling for having no natural light. I am totally jealous of that wallpaper...I just love it. I think that's the same wallpaper that Layla used for her bathroom over at Lettered Cottage. I could live in both of your bathrooms :)

christine, just bella said...

That wallpaper is AMAZING!!!!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh my, this is so fun! Getting ready to do our powder room and we found an actual Kohler sink like that for $27! I love the mirror and tha light but I can't find either one on Lowes website. Did you happen upon them at the store? Fantastic job.

Oona Johnson said...

I LOVE the wallpaper. It looks amazing with the rest of the details you chose.

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