Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Times, Good Finds

What a crazy few days, sadly it seems to feel like a struggle to pull together a few minutes to sit at the computer and type out all the blog posts flying around in my head! So I apologize for being a tad sporatic over the last few days, and probably over the next few days as well. Every day seems to bring new adventures, challenges, fun, and usual life stuff. Looking for another property to start work on is taking a lot of energy, along with all the work at ParkView. And Saturday I brought home a yet-to-be-named baby, a new car. Well, an SUV to be exact. Wren calls it the earring car (?????), but I think I want something cuter for a name. Please tell me I'm not the only person who likes to name their vehicles!!

New car means tightening up the purse strings, but I'm a shopper so I'm gonna have to take being a bargain-ista to a whole new level. Here are a few of my current bargain finds.

{ love is all you need }

I am all about hearts right now. They just add a positive vibe to my day, but really who doesn't love a little love? This is my absolute favorite buy in recent memory, a set of 5 dainty, colorful little rings. The whole set was a cool $4.80 at Forever21!!! Alone, stacked, layered, they are my new 'must wear' accessory.

Yet another Forever21 find, my happy shirt! I am a huge WildFox Couture fan, their clothes are so snappy and fun, not to mention beyond comfy. I'll admit to buying their beach sweatshirts (with a giant glitter heart on it, of course), but momma can't afford to buy the real thing for $117 when there are EXACT replicas for a measly $5.50 at F21. 

I am soooo happy I tried the new Dove dry shampoo! I was a firm Batiste user for last few years but when I saw these on sale for $2.88 about a month ago I gave it a shot. The best part is that Dove has a coupon for $2 off any purchase of 2 items right now so I got two giant cans for less than $4!!! If you are a brunette and live by dry shampoo like me you will love this stuff because it doesn't leave a white residue after brushing.

I am sorry this might not be a deal for everyone, but if you are near a SuperStore run over and check out their Essie display!! Quite a few colors were on sale for $4 so I stocked up on some shades I might otherwise have never given a go, like this awesome grey Yogaga color and Tart Deco, a fun pinky-peach.

Have you been finding any good deals lately?? I need to update my Fall wardrobe a little and have to keep it budget friendly!

Happy Wednesday Friends


Apron Girl said...

Ok I LOVE those rings and where did you get that perfect little bowl that they are sitting in?
That shirt is too fun for words! Great Blog!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the tip on the dry shampoo.
I hate looking grey after I spray!

Samantha said...

I just found some amazing deals at Old Navy, especially the kids sale which ends today!

Love the rings!!!

Lauren said...

Oooh, that's for sharing the Essie deal. I've wanted to try Tart Deco :)

NVMolly said...

Tart deco is my absolute favorite! I am wearing it right now, trying to hold on to summer for as long as I can :)

Pine Tree Home said...

Loving gray and the toes right now. Well, I'm loving gray on just about anything right now too. My go to fall color. I'm a big fan of Dove, but I also just tried Living Proof No Frizz conditioner and I am in LOVE.

kaylan said...

superstore has 100% cotton waffle blankets on sale! $12 for a twin, $17 for a f/q, grey or white. i bought two for the living room. soft and comfy for winter!

Sara said...

Ohh, where did you find the dove? Is it at superstore also?? Are the coupons there or online?

Holly and Sean said...

Sara, the dove is from superstore and the coupon is on the wall as you walk in! Happy shopping

Sara said...

Thank you!!! I was thinking I need to go there today for milk, I know what else I'm coming home with :)

Jill said...

Holly, I love your blog! I have found much inspiration from your beautiful style ;)

As for good deals lately, I love colored skinny jeans, and Old Navy has theirs on sale for $19, originally $45. Cute colors!

Another tip: One of my favorite kid's artists has some new prints in and new sizes (now has 5 x 7s). Check her out for Wren. She is whimsical and dreamy, and I adore her stuff. I think you will too.

Emily said...

Fun finds! I especially love those colors of nail polish. That's a great deal!

Cocalores said...

A new car definitely needs a name! Love the pink nail polish - I'm all for pinks!

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