Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blueberry Week: Yummmmy Rooms

I am a white-room kinda girl at heart. Probably always will be. But as a simple girl who has no design background I've slowly learned over time (and some good old fashioned trial and error) that a simple infusion of color can make the difference between a good room and an amazing one. When I feel the need for such a pop of color my shade always has been and always will be blue. Teal and turquoise rule my world, but a little dramatic Navy is slowly inching in my house as well. 

Because I can always use some inspiration, here are some perfectly delicious rooms that may or may not have taken their inspiration from a berry (I like to think they did!).






{ L } said...

Love white and navy... Such an easy combo to use and fits in with neutrals so well. A brighter hued indigo is fun too. Funny thing about blueberries is that they aren't a true blue, they're a purple blue. They were my sons favorite snack at age 2-4, and he once made blueberry art on the wall. It was definitely purple, LOL.

Jenny said...

Love all of those images, and I'm with you - totally inspired by all of these lovely shades of blue. Adding lots of these touches to my home, and I can't escape the draw I have towards them right now!!

Ira Kharchenko said...

Great interiors! Thanks for inspiration:)


Vibeke / Mammas Hus said...

I love blue ♥

3rd is Livs Lyst, a Norwegian blogger. :) http://ljo-s.blogspot.no/

Linda said...

Hi,the 3. picture from the top is from this blog :)


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