Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ask Away

A few years ago I did a similar post, and we all had a blast so I thought it would be nice to do it again, but with a twist. Have a burning question, or just want to be nosy? Leave a comment below with your queries and I will randomly choose a handful to answer in a vlog post (I'll answer as many as possible while trying to keep it under 10 min). It's more fun to have a conversation going with you instead of me doing all the talking all the time.
Clothes, decor, cooking, pets, kids, any topic, any question. Lay it on me!

Hasta la Vista babes


Jill Waters said...

Each time you do a blog sale on your used clothing I think, “she buys really expensive clothes!” Yet, I see other things on your blog that suggest you are rather frugal (used Ikea sofa!)
Is clothing your weakness? And do you save on house items so you can splurge on designer clothing?

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

I always wonder what job the spouse have outside of the house. And does he ever nix any of your ideas or give you free reign to make all the design choices. Love your blog! Oh and what was your first job. That's always a fun one!

Katie said...

Hi Holly! Do you work out? What types of exercise do you do?

Do you plan on having more children, or are you one and done? What is your favorite thing about being a mom? Least favorite?

Courtney @ reckless-glamour.com said...

Plans for any more kiddo's down the line? And I'd love to see a photo of your basement where you seem to have all you fun decorating accessories at hand for your frequent switch ups!

Sarah Cotton said...

I'm glad to see this because I want to be nosy and ask you a few design questions. I think you do an amazing job of editing your home so it looks clean, fresh & inviting. Can you tell me some of your accessorizing tricks? Just the way you display objects around the house...like the top of an armour piece or inside the media cabinet (books? candles? cute boxes?)...top of a long dresser...
Also, when you are stuck with cream carpet instead of wood floors but you love white, how do have a contrast with furniture / accessories, but still manage to make it look great and use enough white in the space?
One last thing, if a room is small and a area rug really isn't necessary at all, but you think it might add some pop would you go ahead and do it or keep it clean and simple without interrupting the flow of the room.
I love the way your home looks & would love your opinion on layering a leaning bookshelf or display on white ledges in a dining area. Each pic of your home is inspiring!

Melissa said...

hi holly!

you never really talk much about parenthood or your experience with wren (just snippets here and there)
i'm dying to know if you want to add a sibling into the mix for wren or keep it just her?

Anonymous said...

I always want recommendations of products. Favorite cleaning supply?
Product you can't live without? What are your future goals?

Rachel said...

What is your design background? Do you have a design degree? Any professional experience?

Audra said...

What a FuN idea! I have enjoyed reading all of the other questions-as I have wondered the same things! I would love to see your office-I know you've shown bits and pieces. Your basement sounds fun too!

Erika said...

I think someone asked my question already - I'm wondering how you got into home design and managed to make it into a career? Are you entirely self-taught, or have you taken courses before? Thx!

Heidi said...

Do you give any mind to where the products you bring into your home are manufactured? I get really frustrated when I find something I love at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn and then come to find out it is made in China.

Susan said...

Here's one...I was blown away by everything you did at Lexington. Have you had any bites on it? Will you flip another house after that one sells? :)

Kerry said...

What is the paint sprayer attachment you use for your air compressor?

What is your all time favorite find (furniture or other treasure).

Will you let Wren decorate her own room one day?

Do you want to live in Edmonton forever? It is so cold! How do you survive?

Love your blog!!

Brie said...

Hi Holly!

Do you plan on finishing the 'Paint Perfection' tutorials...unless I'm completely dense, it seems the final lesson was never posted *insert sad face*.

Also, your home is gorgeous and every thing seems to have a place...are all your cupboards and drawers super organized? What do you do with all the "junk" that makes its way into your home...ie. papers, coupons, receipts, memorabilia, DVDs/CDs, ETC. That seems to be the thing I have the most trouble with...everyday clutter!

And lastly - what are your favorite thrift stores in Edmonton?

So excited for this! :)

Anonymous said...

What are your favourite thrift stores? Clothing stores?

Meghan said...

I've been a reader for a long time and LOVE how your kitchen turned out. My husband and I are toying with the idea of carerra marble but have hear how "high maintenance" it can be. I'd love to hear how you like it so far (aside from how beautiful it is) and what your thoughts are on caring for it. Thanks!

Miss Rubio said...

Yes...I wonder what the hubs does as well?
Also, you have a dog and don't seem afraid of having an all white home. How do you do it?? Please tell me there is dog hair everywhere, that they poop inside, and puke on your bed or sofa. It would make me feel so much better LOL. Love your blog. Very inspiring. XoXo

Anne Boykin (bloominganne) said...

Having read all the questions so far, I'm looking forward to any of the answers as they're good questions! I,too, love how your kitchen turned out ... would you do anything different knowing what you know now on materials you used?
Thanks so much for your lovely blog.

Kay said...

Have followed your blog for a long time and love you decorating and furniture. I'm getting ready to try my hand at painting my first coffee table (thrift store find for $5) and wondered if you can give me a few tips to get started with. I figure if I screw it up I'm not out much but if it turns out good I have some old antiques that were my Moms that I plan to give a new look to. Everyone has some great questions. Can't wait for the response!

holly said...

hi holly!

what product do you use on your hardwoods to keep them gleaming? how often do you do the floors?

how did you get the courage to just stick wren's drapes in that bucket of leftover dye?

i'm looking for a nice pale turquoise/robin's egg paint. have you found a favorite shade while doing wren's room?

another holly

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Hey Girl,

This is such a fun idea that I was hoping to copy it. I hope you don't mind if I do a ask-me-anything on my own blog today.

I am DYING to know what's happened with Lexington. We just bought a second house and have been renovating it (as a rental though not as a flip). So I'm curious if yours has sold or if there has been interest in it. I followed along with your flip like a stalker!

I also just HAVE to ask if you pay full price for all those designer clothes!


Jill said...

Are you planning on having more kids?

What was your job before this?

Do you workout?

Katie said...

i can't wait for your answers for all of the other questions!

when purchasing lexington, how did you know that it was the one? we're considering buying our first home as a fixer-upper to resell in two years, but are having trouble deciding which ones are really worth the trouble, time and investment. have any tips on what to look for?

Holly Austin said...

I, too, would love to know where you stand with Lexington!! I think it's fabulous what you did, and hope you are able to sell it quickly. Do you mainly do custom furniture painting now, or are you still purchasing and selling pieces too?

The Farmers Nest said...

Have you sold the fix-up yet?

Velud'arte said...

Hi Holly.
How can you keep the house clean and tidy? With a work out and a child at home should not be easy I think!
You can show your laundry?

Sometimes Twice said...

I would loveto know what the hubby does for a living???

Tiffany Larkin said...

I have two questions

You're very good with interior design. Would you every want a HGTV show or maybe your own Shabby Chic line of furniture?

How do you keep your house to clean considering it's mainly white? I love decorating with white but I have to get rid of my tan sofa because of stains and such.

Sausha @ {show and tell} said...

I totally copied your idea and just did a post on my site - i gave you full credit of course!! hope thats ok!!

I am the worst commenter - but i have loved your site for a couple of years and find tons of inspiration :)

Sausha @ Sweet Pickins


Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! What is your favorite find to date? Favorite room in the house?!

~ Jillian

Amber said...

If an evil wizard cast a spell and instantly removed all white and gray from the world forever, what colors would take their place in your home?

Is there a design look/period/theme/etc. that you love but probably wouldn't actually use in your home?

Anonymous said...

I second Jill Waters - I've noticed you have truly high-low clothing taste, with a Rebecca Taylor blouse here and a $6 pair of thrifted jeans there. Is this your philosophy for all things in life? (decor, trips/entertainment, appliances, etc.)

Tiana Pellew said...

Hi Holly,
You mentioned that you used a flat finish on your dining table. What brand do you use? I can't seem to find a flat finish that works well on stained wood.

Tiana (muse-decor.com)

Rebecca said...

While your home is absolutely gorgeous now I have worked out from your blog that it wasn't always this way! How did you cope with the 'ugliness' before you were able to make each room beautiful? I have just moved from a small but beautiful home into a larger but ugly house and as a stay at home mum have to look at it all day til the work is done, which is going to take a while!

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know your opinion, ideas, suggestions and experience of living with Carrara Marble countertops!!. Going to update ours in a few months, everyone thinks I'm crazy to do marble!

Jill said...

I don't know if it's too late for this....but I love the plants you have throughout your home. Especially the topiaries in your kitchen. Are they real? And where do you get them and the pots?

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