Friday, May 28, 2010

Custom Art

I get quite a few emails and comments asking about various frames and art around the house, so here is a breakdown of what is what and where we got it! I truly and firmly believe in original art. If you just open your eyes and wait patiently for that perfect piece to come along you can find original art at reasonable (if not cheaper than new retail) prices. Besides the oil paintings and sketches around the house, we also love photography.

To keep the house from feeling too busy or cluttered (you know I love a clean, white space!) we stick to only black and white photos, and prefer to use our own family photos. I know some people cringe at filling the house with photos of yourselves, but we love it! The one thing we try to do is use photos from daily life, not just posed photos from big events and holidays. I think it feels much more casual and relaxed.

As soon as you walk in our front door we have a mini gallery on one wall with a photo of each of us. We wanted it to feel like a real gallery and so we wanted a clean, modern frame.

You can use any size, style or color, but we went with the Ribba square frames from Ikea strictly because you cannot beat the $16 price tag for a frame and mat. I slapped some paint on them (what's new?) and instead of mounting the photos behind the mat I cropped them just short of the mat and placed grey paper behind them so that there is a tiny border all the way around the photo.

Besides Ikea, my other staple for frames is none other than Home Sense! You HAVE to check out their clearance isle because the prices cannot get any better.

I loved the contrast of this huge frame (which had a few scratches that I just took a black sharpie to) with a 4 by 6 photo. It also has a slightly "gallery" feel, without the cost of custom framing. And I really like the mix of clean lines and more rustic furniture. This pictures regularly floats around the house~

Because this grouping of frames from Home Sense was so chipped and beaten up they all were priced at $1-$2.

With some new paint and a little distressing to play up the flaws they now fill a wall in our powder room depicting various moments from a sunny day at the park.

It was easy,fast and the total cost was only $18 for the photos and frames!

Custom framing is quite pricey, but with a little creativity you could easily fill a wall or just a tiny corner with special memories that look like a million bucks!


Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

I don't do this enough. I have good intentions but I never follow through. Thank you for the inspiration. Hopefully I'll get off my duff and just do it. I love the tips - thanks!!

Beth said...

I love how you make all your treasures, vintage or Ikea, look like gold- so purposeful - very classic

worldofbridget said...

Hi Holly,

Wow...thanks so much for the insight and answering my request so promptly! I love the way you have presented your photos. From the pure black and white feel to the customising of standard cheaper frames- brilliant!! I think I need a trip to Ikea shortly.

Now for my next question, we have just bought a house on the Gold Coast in Australia...when will you be over to make it look as half as good as yours???

I love your blog but it also makes me frazzled too because I can never buy anything you makeover...and I want it all! Hopefully I can get some framing now with a similar aesthetic as yours.

Thanks again and have a lovely day.

Bridget :-)

Pam @ Frippery said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing this frame inspiration!

pixie said...

Love Black and white photos too! I am gearing up to do a large photo wall with various size of the big chunky Ikea frames in black for our living room. Just curious, how do you move things so often in your house without leaving a million holes in the walls?

Revamped French Maison said...

Holly I love how you personalize your home with photos of your loved ones. The monochromatic colors is really the secret to hanging personal photos without get that overwhelming busy look of Grandmas family hallway....((my grandmother has an entire hallway ceiling to floor like that. She's 84)

I normally cringe at the "portrait" wall too...hee hee! But when it's done in simplicity it's quite lovely and personal.

I get teased about not having photos up...So I slapped a bunch on the side of the fridge and dedicated a small table with pretty vintage frames to the portraits of nieces, cousins....little ones love to see the pictures up...They feel special..:)

Kristin said...

i just love all the little photo galleries you've created. the black and white photos of your family are going to be treasured for years to come.

Lara said...

ah, you are so inspiring. seriously, i love your blog.

Frugal Home Designs said...

Gorgeous! Here is an off question, what scent do you have in your wallflower? I have been looking for a new scent. Just wondering what's your favorite.

Laura said...

I LOVE IT!! I have a blank wall in our powder room that needs filled...I think I just found my inspiration. We even have a bunch of pretty pictures we just took at the park, too. I must steal your idea. If I do, I'm doing a post and linking it back to this project. You did such a great job! Cute, cute, cute. :-)

Melissa said...

Hi! LOVE your frames! What color paint do you use?

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