Thursday, May 7, 2009

We had a very eventful and semi-stressful day! Sean had his court date today on his excessive speeding charge. It all started off very tense when we did not see Sean's lawyer as his trial was about to begin, and he was not answering his phone. FINALLY he appeared and we discovered that the 2 arresting Sheriffs were not present so things looked a little better, but our lawyer assured us that the prosecutor would request and probably be granted an adjournment for a later date. He did a little bargaining and offered Sean a $350 ticket and 4 demerits (MUCH better than the $2,300 fine and 90 day suspension, the penalty associated with his charge) so we happily agreed.

Moments later the prosecutor changed his mind and felt that Sean should be held to the harsher sentance so he requested the adjournment. To Sean's amazing luck, fate had it that the Judge and prosector did not get like each other much and the judge dismissed the charges!

Sean is a very lucky man today, and will thankfully be able to continue to drive (in the fun lane of course).


Roeshel said...

Stressful for sure but I love happy endings. :)

Emily said...

Wow! That's great! So glad things turned out good in the end. What a relief for you.

pve design said...

consider this a pass, or a get out of jail card.
please s l o w down even if life is more fun in the fast lane....after all there is a baby in board.

Holly and Sean said...

Oh trust me, he learned his lesson! Thankfully this was LONG before Wren and really was a unique instance he just happened to get caught up in (story just a few posts below).

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