Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1. In exactly 1 week Wren and I will be starting our first Salsa Baby class!!!

You basically strap your baby onto you and give them a rattle while you dance! We are really looking forward to it since we have heard nothing but rave reviews. The other great thing about it is that we signed up with a handful of other mom's and baby's from our New Mom's group (that sadly only has one meeting left!) so we are definitely in for a great time.
2. Our lawn is finally starting to look alive! It seems that Spring was late in arriving and so was our green grass.
3. Wren's 5 month check up went great today. She is FINALLY 13 lbs (just barely LOL)!!!
hope you are all having a great day as well, and as always we love to hear about it!


Amy said...

Just came across your blog recently and am loving it! Your daughter is adorable. I have never heard of salsa baby class but had to comment because it sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it!

MrsC said...

You should keep the moms group going! My sister had her first in Gymboree and some of the moms in the class became close. They sat up a Yahoo Group and started setting up Playdates weekly by email. Since none of them have time to make a phone call! They now have 20 moms that have been each others "mom" support for almost 4 years. They can post a question up on the message board and with in moments someone is their with advice. They now do playdates twice a week or more. My sister says a "moms group" is a must for any new mommy!

Leslie G said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun. Make sure you post how it went!

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks so much Amy and Leslie!!!
MrsC, I agree with your sister 100%! It is a great thing time to get to know all the other mom's and hear how they are doing, what some of their tricks are, etc. We have already set up a group for baby reading time at the local library once a week and most of us are also doing this dance class too, besides the fact we all email each other a couple times a week. It was the best thing I have done since Wren was born!

Lynett said...

That baby salsa class sounds like so much fun! I wonder if they have one in my area. Not that I have kids yet, but will eventually!!!

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