Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are starting a new feature over here in our fun lane:

We hear so much negative stuff in the news and on TV so we thought we should find at least 3 things (sometimes very small things) that are positive to focus on. As always, feel free to share as well!

Rosy had accumulated quite a solid hair ball on her tummy and back leg over the last couple of weeks, but Sean took the shears to her yesterday and she is now happily knot free! (we do all our dog grooming here at home)
2. Our marble finishing edge is finally here, we just have to pick it up. This means that the fireplace can finally be completed.
3. I did a major scrub down on our master bath and it looks amazing~ Why did I wait so long?


Allison said...

1. I love today because I am healthy and alive and engaged to the love of my life! (there's three things right there!)
2. It's almost time to leave work
3. I just discovered your blog and I <3 reading through the older posts

Anonymous said...

1. My husband emailed that he may sneak out of work earlier to swing by and pick up his girl (me!) for a cinco de mayo dinner.
2. I won a beautiful Spring glitter garland from Fun&Fancy Free today. Hurray!
3. We're leaving for FL in 9 days. Looking forward to a getaway and seeing my dad!

Life is good! :)

Holly and Sean said...

Congratulations Allison!! We're glad you found us~

Evangelines, you lucky girl, I really LOVE Nicole's garlands too.

Emily said...

Isn't it great to have a clean bathroom? Mine is semi-clean, which is pretty good for me.

Anne said...

I had many things that I loved today..until I saw your post with that blue and yellow striped shirt I would LOVE to be able to wear that..I'll just have another Milky Way..so sad

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