Friday, October 3, 2014

Laurier Update

Happy Friday! I know it's been quite some time since our last Laurier Heights up date, and so much has happened since so I wanted to do a full update post all while showing some of the old befores again since it's been so long.

You may recall this being what we started with.

The first things we tackled were the demolition, inside and out, by having  a tree service take down our overgrown and kind of dangerous old trees. This made such a difference in brightening up the inside of the house now that sun can get in!

Next, we had all our sidewalks and driveway chipped up and removed...

And just this week our new, giant slab steps were poured. I LOVE them!

Inside, the lower level media room was the room that needed the least amount of work, just new trim and paint really.

And I am loving how it is looking! Just need the wall sconces in and then carpet and this room will be done.

The kitchen was a dungeon like dark space.

And to open it all up we decided this wall needed to go.

I couldn't get a full shot yet with everyone hard at work, but we now have an open, bright, modern space!

Our new Super White Dolomite island (which is actually grey, but whatever) went in yesterday, with the exception of the waterfall edge which will be added once wood flooring is in next week.

The wall cabinetry all got a solid white Quartz counter top and a square undermount sink.

Now tiling can start and this is our beautiful grey backsplash that will be from counter to ceiling.

Our Bertazzoni range and Blomberg fridge are going to look spectacular!

The biggest change for me is the entry and stairway. Here is the before:

And the new, bright, open landing! Just need flooring.

So there ya have it, a lot of progress in just a few photos, but I have a few other big changes to show you next time like our laundry room and master suite! It always blows my mind how so much work seems so small when it boils down to a couple photos.

And today is another big day because we got the keys to our next project: Quesnell Heights!

It is already shaping up to be my favourite yet.


Great bones, right? It just needs a little love.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Makes me want to go home and knock down some walls! I can't wait to see the finished pictures. The house is going to be wonderful!

sharon smith said...

Unbelievable! What great things will be happening this week? I can't wait to check in with you soon. Great work!!!

Jody said...

Love the tile, can you share the supplier name, please?

Leah said...

wow! Beautiful work!

Katherine Wilkinson said...

Holy crap! I absolutely love it! And I'm super excited about your new one too! Just a quick question, how much does siding go for these days in Edmonton and do you have a recommendation? My husband and I are looking into updating our pee yellow siding next year and would like to know what the costs were.

Kristi said...

amazing! You get so much done! I might need to hire you out so that something actually gets done in my kitchen!

Holly Baker said...

Hi Jody, the tile is by Julien.

Katherine, it really depends on the color you choose and the material but it isn't as much as I usually budget. As an example, we did the whole house at Parkview and it was $7,000. This house we painted, and are only redoing a small area with a different material (board and batten) and it will be about $1000 to do the whole front lower area (to the left of the front door).

Email me if you need suppliers!

Holly Baker said...

Kristi, I'd love to help!

Irishdrums said...

Great work!

Kristina said...

It looks amazing already! I love that you opened up that landing! What a change. Can't wait to see the finished flip!

Ashley and Jeremiah Byars said...

I always look forward to your before and afters as I know the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get them! Can't wait to see more!

204 Park said...

Aaaaa, I've been waiting for this! It's looking amazing so far, Holly! I'm loving the kitchen transformation and the countertop/tile combo you picked. Keep the pictures coming! Xo, S

Carling Stiksma said...

Looks so great Holly.... I can't wait to see the finished product.... And that Quesnell Heights house... What a beauty!! I can't wait to see you transform that gem!! Xo

Anonymous said...

Hello ! What paint color did you use for the media room?

Chrisy said...

Looks amazing so far! Now I feel like renovating too! :P I like your new stairs more than the kitchen but I'm sure once it's fully complete each renovated space will look equally as nice!

Patricia said...

I just bought a home from the 70's with 2 massive trees in the back yard, blocking all the sun - who did you use to remove the trees? I live in St Albert and need someone reliable. Thanks

mamakt said...

Ehered your light switch go in stairwell? I want to do this too... Where'd you relocate it? (;
Thx in advance!

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