Monday, October 20, 2014

Laurier, almost there!

The last week is always a bit hectic but it is amazing to see how things can still look really rough only a few days from completion.

Yesterday was our big 'cleaning day', meaning I removed all debris and scrubbed everything down, despite knowing that there will be more cleaning to do with a few trades still finishing up. But I always thing that is the biggest part towards bringing to life.

So here are some progress shots off my phone, of how a house looks just a day or two before we list (and why I work until 10 or 11 most nights in this phase of a project!)

Our new, high gloss brick fire place. Still needs the mantle stained and hearth tiled though.

Our kitchen has an endless list of small things to be done but it is looking exactly like I envisioned it.

I took that photo yesterday, and this one below on Friday, that's how fast it comes together sometimes (not every time though...)

Again, just two days before...



The house is a four level split and most of the first lower level is done in this incredible 12x24 grey tile that I adore. 

All our new closet doors! 

And my project for today, install this awesome Merimekko wall paper in the laundry room, courtesy of Wallpaper Direct.

I will take the big camera over this week and share the final shots!! Thanks so much for all your awesome comments (and patience while I have been a slow updater)
Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

Hi Holly,

The space looks amazing. So bright and fresh. It's so nice to see such great work happening in Edmonton.

I love how you opened the kitchen. I am actually looking to do a similar renovation in my 1980's house (in Edmonton). I am new to the renovation scene and wonder if you have any information you could pass along? An idea of what kind of cost it would be and if you can recommend any contractors (or some to stay away from). Thanks so much!

Kristen said...

I LOOOOVE where you're going with this!

Ashley said...

Wow wow wow! You're amazing at what you do. Can't wait for more photos!

Liz said...

Will you be sharing a source list? In particular... where are those lights from? The "rope" inspired pendants... and then the large lattice-like chandelier over the table?

Holly Baker said...

Thanks everyone!

Lisa, how exciting!! It makes such a difference once it is opened up. We did it on a much smaller scale in our own 1980's kitchen, but for a project like Laurier there was much more to do and by the time you take into account flooring, framing, drywall, electrical and plumbing I would expect to spend $70,000 to $100,000 with a reputable contractor. I wish I had a good recommendation for one but I strictly work with my project manager who only does new builds (and kindly squeezes in room for me). I am using Abalon at Quesnell Heights and they seem to be on the ball and really competent, but get lots of quotes and do lots of research and I'm sure you will find some great contractors.

Holly Baker said...

Hi Liz, I listed all the lighting sources in previous Laurier Heights posts.

Liz said...

Thanks. I just hadn't looked back far enough in posts...

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!!! This was my grandmas house! It looks so much better now

Ann said...

Omg, LOVE the gray subway tile - it MAKES the kitchen!

Holly Baker said...

Anonymous, WOW!!! What a small world. If you ever want to come take a little tour we have some trades on site still so just walk right up and knock on the door! All my guys are super friendly, or I am usually there as well ;) I hope your grandma likes it too!!!

Sarah Derrig said...

It's really starting to come together. Look fabulous, so light and bright. Well done.

Kristina Hoyle said...

I can't wait to see the finished project! It already looks amazing! Well done!!

Casey said...

Hey Holly congrats on completing another succcessful flip! Now that you're a veteran at this, maybe you could do a cool blog post on the Top 10 Lessons Learned. It could include lessons learned the hard way (mistakes are expensive in this process) or tough decisions where you're really glad you chose the way you did (maybe picking the more expensive materials when you were encouraged by others to go cheaper). I just think it would be interesting! Your homes are gorgeous and they definitely all have your signature stamp. Congrats, again!

Kelly said...

I just came across your 'Martha Stewart' kitchen and am very impressed with what you achieved (I would like to do something similar)…I fast forward to 2014 and see you have moved and are installing quite a different kitchen….can I ask how you found the Home Depot cabinetry to hold up and whether you liked the marble countertops in terms of functionality i.e. did they wear well or did you get marks etc
Thanks again for your input!

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